New Comic Book Day

We’re doing a dollar back issue and a Funko sale in our stores this week so I didn’t want to take time actually shopping when people were waiting outside in the rain for their turn to go in. So I just picked up my mail and whatever was in my box and came home. Not even entirely sure what I have yet since I haven’t had time to go through the stack between school and lunch for the kids, lunch for my wife and me, and now meetings.

So my win will also be whatever was in my box, and my loss is whatever recent Star Wars related issues I didn’t get the chance to find for a dollar.


But some people will interpret this as: “I have secret TFAW variant links to create” :thinking: :rofl:

Some awesome memes in that thread. That was a good laugh.


I grabbed a Darth Vader 8 1:10 Ienco Ochi design variant at cover. Solid Blood 17 at cover. That’s about it. Otherwise spent the day building my toddler a Frozen II Mercedes for Christmas.


I saw the video. Was rad.

I bought one after you wrote about it.

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Shit. That was definitely just hanging out in the dollar bins at my LCS last week. Probably gone by now and if it isn’t my daughter just got quarantined so no way I’m getting to the shop before Christmas now.

After two weeks of quarantine, was able to finally get out to the shops to do some hunting!

Had a great day of Star Wars pick ups based on recent news and prices on completed auctions.

Thrawn #1 & #6 (3 copies)-all cover price
Star Wars X-Wing Rogue Squadron #25 (Dark Horse-early Thrawn appearance) $5
Kylo Ren #3 (2nd print) 2 copies at cover price
Star Wars: Rogue One #1 Quinones 1:10 variant 2 copies at $5 each
Star Wars: Rogue One #1 cover price
Star Wars: Kanan #1 Skottie Young variant 2 copies at $4 each
Darth Vader #8 Ienco Design variant 2 copies ($6 and $14)
Star Wars #1 (2015) Heroes & Fantasies Boba Fett (Punisher homage cover) for $17
Cassian & K-2SO one shot (regular and variant cover for cover each)

Can’t believe what some of these books are going for. Was also able to get Kirkman’s Simple Blood #17 for $7. Visited 3 stores today and only one had any issues.

Good hunting everyone!


So a shop was charging over cover for it already?

I got three copies at cover price today. Picked out copies Tuesday night and in my pull box they went. The clerks know stuff in my pull box is ok with the owners in advance (who let me get what I want within reason) but I am not supposed to show the other customers as they are limit one per. There has been a few times I am in the store and someone asks about a book. Usually you can tell they are not a flipper. They will mention the book I have multiple copies of and if they don’t say “yeah I know that’s why I want it” I usually pull a copy out and give them one.


That was correct. But I’ve been going there for over 20 years and they typically don’t do that. Considering how hard things have been on retailers, I wasn’t upset.

Now if he was doing that on every hot or new book, I probably wouldn’t shop there anymore.


What was good: Got my SIKTC 8th printing today. Had to ask for it…they had them behind the counter.

What was bad: On my way back to work on lunch break got my rear bumper and fender nearly torn off by someone trying to make a right turn from the left lane as I passed them.


I have been working all day. I have not been able to go to my LCS until Thursdays or Fridays for the past few weeks. I pre order most of my stuff or have things pulled.

The past year I have almost gotten into about a dozen accidents. People can not drive wearing those masks or they are in to much of a rush.


This person was from out of town…I think taking her elderly dad to a dr’s appointment and got turned around. Totally an accident…must’ve been in her blind spot. I’ve been there before. Nobody injured and hopefully no structural damage to my jeep.


Today was a day that both irritated and amused me relative to comics/this hobby.
All the shops here we’re playing shenanigans with regards to most books…Black Widow #6, Brzrkr, SIKTC, etc…so I said to hell with any of those books. Not arguing about them or listening to B.S nonsense.
I decided to just take the books sitting there on the shelves they are completely oblivious to…flip em…buy the books they’re being douchey about & still have a profit.


Don’t have a picture, but I went to a different-than-my-normal shop (had gotten my books earlier) and found for cover:

We Live #1 3rd print
You Promised Me Darkness Cover F (nude)
Geiger #1 glow in the dark

Yesterday I found at my usual shop:

Justice League #31 (2011) for $3. It was a good day.


I did not leave my living room. I’ve been working all day. But I have 6 x Black Widow #6 coming and 2 x Black Widow Rahzzah variants coming as well. Everything else today I already had pre-ordered as well of what I needed. I did not bother with SIKTC #1 8th printing… BOOM! can go F themselves over that one…


Glad you’re ok, but sorry you got into that accident.

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Only hit one shop today. Struck out on new books, but found these 5 for $4 each.

Get on board dat We Live train! Choo choo!!




I went to three stores today and everyone was chasing SIKTC 8th printing and BRZRKR 3rd print foil.

In fact, at one store, there was almost a fight as people was arguing over someone that was trying to buy 3 copies of the SIKTC 8th printing (emptying the rack of the remaining copies).

Is it just me or does there seems to be a lot more scummy speculators than before?

Don’t get me wrong, I speculate because it’s fun and helps to pay for my hockey and basketball sportscard addiction. But I don’t wait in line for the shop to open, run back to the new comic area, and proceed to buy every single copy of the hot book this week that is on the shelves. I’m not on my tablet in front of the new comic rack to see if what new books are selling for. If I see a hot new book, I’ll buy one and move on. If there are back issues that have been out for awhile and still there, I’ll buy multiples because folks have had a chance to get them before I got there. Maybe I’m just getting to be that old guy that shouts at kids while I’m watering my lawn.

Enough of the rant! Did find some great treasures there today. Was especially pumped to get the Wynonna Earp for $4.50 and Skulldigger and Skeleton Boy #1 and #2!


This is a big reason why I no longer go to brick and mortar stores anymore for Wednesday books.
The competition, aggravation, rushing, fighting, scumminess, people lines before opening, is just awful.

There comes a point for a collector where the aggravation and grief is not worth the rewards for these new books. And I’ve hit that point quite some time ago.
I stick with working with my store for access to high grade key Bronze and Silver and the grief level seems to be a whole lot less at stores.