New Creative Team for Batman

Not sure how I feel about this. Tynion is not on my list of writers I enjoy. Tony Daniel’s on art is welcoming though.

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I like Tony Daniel’s artwork generally, nothing else about this is that awe-inspiring. Maybe a big-deal creative team will appear for issue #100

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Make mine Marvel!

Grass isn’t always greener, is it?

Either way, time for a change…for better or worse.

Can’t say I know much about Tynion…so I can’t say this announcement excites me…I still think I’m dropping Batman after 85 or soon thereafter.

My first bad impression started when I was just getting back into comics. I started reading the new Talon series that Snyder was writing. Thought it was great, even put on my pull list. Come issue 8, I noticed a drastic change in the writing. I was confused as I wasn’t even aware of all the writers out there, who was good, who wasn’t.

So as I’m trying to compare previous issues to the latest, that’s when I noticed it went from Snyder to Tynion. I was like, why would they change writers? It was great… up until this Tynion took over. Never picked up another copy after that. From that point I believe the series pretty much sank and was done by issue #17.

I’ve given Tynion other chances on some of his indie works but after Bunker I was completely done. So I don’t have any hope for Batman if he’s picking up the primary writing duties after King. I can only imagine it’s going to not get any better.