New female turtle

You might want to pop over to the Wed open and let me know what you think about the new female turtle. Might be spoiler post worthy.

You ever feel like you’re ringing the dinner bell in a starving refugee camp and noone’s seems to be able to hear it?

Maybe I should buy some more copies before Diamond sells out.

Hi CHU, first time poster long time lurker. BJ, that new Turtle is heating up right now. 1:10 is at 90 plus! And cover A is at 30. Venus the turtle or different? Anyways, did some research on “Jennika” and they’re saying that her 1st appearance is #51.
Hope this sticks because I went heavy on this #95 book.
Happy 4th everyone!


Thanks for the response. I suspected it would. I spent like 2 hours trying to get everyone’s attention while the prices were still down and the inventory was still up at Diamond for reorders. Figures the one time I get a HOT stock tip everyone’s on a 3 hour lunch!!! I heard one reply with a question from Anthony but nothing after that so I’m assuming he dropped everything and ran back to the store trying to find copies.

I grabbed 20 more of each cover but without anyone to talk to I didn’t see the point in grabbing more than that since I blew the bank on WD193 Monday thru Tuesday morning before Diamond sold out…

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They’re still in stock at Diamond right now!!! 20 more A and 20 more B just ordered now that that I’m not alone in thinking it could be a good one.
Thanks again for sharing before Diamond runs out!!!

Lol. Sorry I missed it. I was at work all day. Need to give you my phone number so you can text me stuff like this or friend me on Facebook and message me. It’s easier. At work I don’t pay much attention to things.

Hey. Welcome. Thanks for contributing. Hope you stick around.

copies were available At MyComicShop a few hours ago…now sold out.

Does MCS limit you to one copy? I kept trying to up my qty to 2 bt it kept defaulting to 1. I ordered 1 copy of A and B.

Thank you Mr. Anthony. Love your website! I come here for all my news and info. Just wanted to comment on BJ’s tip because my LCS owner commented that this issue was gonna be a big deal. Anyways, Happy Independence Day to all!

Do think if Jennika turtle becomes a thing TMNT 51 (1st human appearance) will get any heat? I suspect if so that one’s flying under the WD Umbrella as well.

I’ll likely BOLO…

I dont think most are aware of how long this girl, Jennika, has been around, and not aware of her true 1st in #51, yet. Late last night her name was not in any listing headings for 51 or 59 (1st cover).

Please, dont. :rofl:

TMNT #95 is going back for a 2nd print with a NEW Jennika cover by Kevin Eastman and Ben Bishop. We will post the cover as soon as possible:

From the IDW e-mail.

Apparently they pulled the sales and went online to avoid a stampede at the convention.

The more shocking part is who’s paying crazy money for 96 already? That comic has got to have been ordered extremely heavy meaning a ton of copies should hit the market at release. Even I bought 5 times as many as I would have normally knowing it would be swamped with over orders.

They’ve already announced she doesn’t suit up until 97.

It also sounds like if you ordered 51’s from them directly you want be getting them shipped so you better check those E-bay presales. I’m assuming those aren’t even counted into the over 24,000 other copies floating around out there.

Indeed, people who had ordered copies of TMNT #51 and #95 from Kevin Eastman’s own studio over the week, as the book got very hot suddenly, were told that because the studios had had hundreds of orders of copies while they were all on break, far more than they could supply, they had to close the orders down and refund almost everyone.

I’m still mad they did that. What a waste of good marketing to attract foot traffic to your booth. Someone should get fired for that

Maybe they should have gone the other way and dropped 2,000 copies to stop the stampede. First 1,000 people each day get 1 each. I find it hard to imagine they ran the presses for only 200 copies.

Also, FOC for 2nd print is tomorrow … it is clearly the winner for the week. I have more presales of this issue than I do everything else combined… and I ordered my fair share of carnage. Turtle mania has hit and this wave is akin to the Naomi bubble.

That’s what I’m thinking. Peak pricing doesn’t set in for a few months, maybe at least a month after 97 hits the street just like Naomi #1, Totally Awesome Hulk 22 and Immortal Hulk #2. The weird part is I’m not seeing any Presales yet other than 1 subscriber asking for the 2nd printing. The weekend’s been dead in general though so that may factor in to some late showers tomorrow. DCeased is still ruling the roost here.

mycomicshops out of Go Go 21 cheap copies so that one should start creeping up over the next couple months also. 22 of the Marvel Comics 1000 covers are up now as well as all the absolute carnage covers so they should get some attention tomorrow FOC also. I even tossed out the Immortal Hulk 22 cover so people know it’s coming.

I’m seeing a different side. I normally take FOC for the week off today on the website and throw it on eBay with maybe a 10% discount. I had a steady stream on the website since Thursday and now eBay is pumping them out too. My son won’t go to college with it but it’s doing fairly well for a 2nd print.

First app discussions aside, I think we could potentially have a HOT comic with 97. Shame issue 100 won’t hit for NYCC, woulda loved to see that variant

Btw, took me 15 minutes to write this post cause the L.O. Discovered how to climb the stairs