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Ive seen people saying there were 1000 printed, and IDW has been selling them across different platforms with a stated 200 print run. I believe IDW was called out on FB, or some other social media platform, by some folks for the discrepancy in information.

I normally only take Presales from walk-ins though if it’s not something risky like a qty variant I have to order a bunch extra to get I let subscribers hit me up online to save the trip in and have it added to their pulls for no charge up front. I got a request for another Shade comic just now that must be coming in a couple months while he bought the Changing Girl $50 set that was already here just now while picking up two months worth of comics from his box. Only two years to get cover price on those Changing Girls plus B&B. 2 customers in the last 30 minutes so an extra $150 now to pull the day up and still 2 hours to go. More if that guy wanting the Predator figures comes in late. Apparently there’s a Shade the Changing Transvestite coming according to them I’m supposed to sign them up for when it comes out.

Ive seen people saying there were 1000 printed

I suspected there should be more. I don’t put it past them playing the 200 copies were all that were offered at that time game to offer more later or drop another 200 off at Dynamite/DF to get signed and or CGC’d.

If true, that’s pretty craptastic.

Publishers do stuff like that all the time. They routinely release leftover Ratio Variants open order for cover price minus discounts or even less. I’ve always felt that leftover Ratio Variants should be destroyed after the book they were tied to sell out. I can’t imagine the presses stopping at say 219 because that’s all they presale by FOC ordered.

I just got late variant approval for Go Go #21 20 qtys. I knew they had to have extras printed above what was ordered FOC. I don’t make a habit of asking but occasionally don’t mind.

Think $120’s too cheap for TMNT 95 A, B and C10 Qty Cover combo packs?

A and B are starting to get sales in the $50 range by themselves. C had an $82 sale just today.

i think this issue has legs to grow some. I’m late to the party but I have started picking up copy’s on eBay. Now it turns into when to hold and when to fold. Personally I will hold my newly acquired issues until issue 100 to see if they have any shockers for that issue.

Second Printing rumor sounds like a huge one if true.

If they’re handing them out at the same time as the $100 copies that should also create a tie for 1st cover.

If there’s no way to tell copies handed out from the convention from copies handed out at the stores several weeks later, that should essentially make all the store copies the same value as the early ones.

Lol BJ. U beat me again. If only I wasn’t feeding my little one I might have gotten there first.

IDW has no reason to add those pages to the 2nd print. I think the rumor is false and probably started by someone who wants to sell more comics. But I’m not going to tell that to the people buying my comics either lol.

I have preview night. IDW was going to be my first stop. I will let you know if that part of the rumor is true.

Sorry. Killing time waiting to hear if I can get a last minute big ad in the local paper for all those Walking Dead’s coming tomorrow so I figure lets surf while we stare at a phone not ringing.

I just got Late approved for 8 copies of 95 10 Qty so I’m looking for an excuse to blow the expected sales on something turtleish so IDW gets a little extra back as a thank you. Question now is whether to bump 95 Second or wait and try to get an order increase in after you go to the booth so as not to cause extras to get printed but instead thin out the overprint ordered?

Ahhh the old wait and see

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Lmao, alittle bigger and he will be throwing your little girl :slightly_smiling_face:

The rumor has hit the ground running. I’m seeing more eBay sales since that post. It really makes me think it’s someone tryi;g to pump and dump thier stash that they ordered.

I could see as a way to bump sales/preorders but wouldn’t that back fire if it’s preorders from one of those places that accepts cancellations and returns if the rumor gets disproved next weekend? Sounds like a good way for a seller to get stuck holding a lot of cancelled orders they now have to pay for.

If it proves true that sounds like a good way to get stuck with a bunch of 96’s that can’t be cancelled at Diamond.

Reminds me of why I avoid Preorders mostly outside the walk-in traffic.

There are more places that say no cancellations than there are places that do accept them. eBay is a good place for that. Buyers regret isn’t covered by eBay.

Also, the author of the article is speculating that they have it at sdcc, nothing is confirmed

While we are at it, heres my little dude.


He rarely leaves my side when Im at home and he literally comes when he is called.

They got the ad for the newspaper finished in time and looking really nice. Another $54 spent for one ad, one week. If it works out well I might try it again with one of the Turtle books. I tossed out some Marvel Comics 1000 bundles also. I’m getting that itch I’m going to regret not getting in preFOC on the new whatever is getting it’s “debut”. It doesn’t ship until the 28, 3 weeks after Absolute Carnage so there may be some breathing space by then assuming HOX,POX and Future Foundation do anything and DCeased stays steady.

Roll the dice, don’t roll. Roll the dice, don’t roll. To E-bay or Not to E-bay, That is the question!!!

Also, the author of the article is speculating that they have it at sdcc, nothing is confirmed

I added an extra 10 to the order just in case. I’ll save a larger order for after FOC if it pans out. I still think the print run for the book has to far exceed 95 1st Print.

I will add more to my order by tonight when I cut off eBay sales. Right now I’m planing what I’m doing each day. Preview night will be comics, Thursday Friday toy exclusives with Friday lunch at retailers thing by diamond. Saturday I will either do it all again or visit my brother in law to let him meet his Nephue.

There are a lot of exclusive members only comics starting to leak out. I’m so excited that I haven’t even opened my new Wednesday comics !!!

I can’t remember what I’m excited about coming in this week other than 315 Walking Dead 193’s, 40 A & B TMNT 95’s and 6 Go Go 21’s. Might be a surprise or two shipping early also which is always nice .

I got it, check that Captain Marvel to see if they Carnage-ized the A cover’s Trade dress. Immortal Hulk 21 needs reading also. That Captain Marvel star included rumor could use some verification. If you get really bored you can find out if a miracle occurs in Omega that’s going to salvage AOX. Invaders 7 should have Carnage-ized trade dress also and I had a spec feel to that one at one point but now I can’t remember why.

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