New Funko POP! Comic Cover: Action Comics #1

I honestly don’t know how I feel about this because the backdrop comic cover is not actually a reprint of the iconic monster of a key comic , Action Comics #1. I feel like that’s a huge missed opportunity for both Funko and DC. Reprints for Action Comics #1 will always be in demand and they could have sent the market clamoring for this product.

Dang. I thought it was a reprint. Makes my decision even easier now


Maybe it has to do with Diamond distribution rights or other exclusive rights? I don’t know. Seems silly to me.

I would still buy if they have certain key issues. Secret Wars 8, Hulk 181, etc.

But I - generally - have zero interest in DC unless it came from 1980’s Alan Moore or Frank Miller. Maybe a Dark Knight Returns Pop!

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I’d be into a Swamp Thing 37. Maybe an Amazing Fantasy 15.


Thanks Wooky just placed an order.

Amazing Fantasy 15 I’m copping not matter what!


I’m with you!

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I don’t do much with Funko at all, as I am more into articulation and a “realistic” look, however I HAD to order this. I’m very pleased!


I got one myself. We are just missing the book to go with it lol…

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Part of the reason I got it is because I can’t justify cost of the book. It has nothing else going for besides the cover (an alltime great, stunning cover) so with the Funko I got all the benefits of looking at McFarlane’s art every time I walk to my laundry room, without the giant price tag.


And the extra hand…


It’s an all-time great cover - it has that je ne sais quoi - but I always think of Chris Burnham’s theory. :joy:

I just never really liked it myself. Even the amount of folds and such in the cape don’t make sense. That’s one of McFarlane’s many flaws as artist, too noisy. He does a great job to hide the flaws with more lines and noise in his artwork.

Todd has an answer for you:

Lmao, I’m pretty sure Todd could cure cancer and solve world hunger and you’d belly ache about it JUST because it’s Todd. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, that’s not being realistic though.

I just feel too many bend over backwards for the guy. It’s bias for some I feel. He’s not the best artist (there are far superior artists out there). I liked a lot of his ASM art run but beyond that, he hasn’t really done a whole lot else for the comic industry besides his toy line (which isn’t really doing a lot for the actual comic book industry) which I’m sure he has a full team handling most if not all of it, so probably less hands on.

I’ll criticize where I feel it’s due. I critic anyone if I feel the need to do so. McFarlane is just an easy target cause he’s kind of a turd blossom!

Todd McFarlane is a great artist. He is terrible at actually writing his comics. That is the extent of my feelings upon him.


You’re right, Image Comics is hardly noteworthy. Doesn’t give creators any freedom at all.

Wasn’t Ronan a Turd blossom too? :thinking: