New Funko POP! Comic Cover: Action Comics #1

I honestly don’t know how I feel about this because the backdrop comic cover is not actually a reprint of the iconic monster of a key comic , Action Comics #1. I feel like that’s a huge missed opportunity for both Funko and DC. Reprints for Action Comics #1 will always be in demand and they could have sent the market clamoring for this product.

Dang. I thought it was a reprint. Makes my decision even easier now


Maybe it has to do with Diamond distribution rights or other exclusive rights? I don’t know. Seems silly to me.

I would still buy if they have certain key issues. Secret Wars 8, Hulk 181, etc.

But I - generally - have zero interest in DC unless it came from 1980’s Alan Moore or Frank Miller. Maybe a Dark Knight Returns Pop!

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I’d be into a Swamp Thing 37. Maybe an Amazing Fantasy 15.


Thanks Wooky just placed an order.

Amazing Fantasy 15 I’m copping not matter what!


I’m with you!

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