New Gay Captain America in United States of Captain America #1

On Monday, Marvel Comics revealed more details about The United States of Captain America #1. The issue will be co-written by Cantwell and Josh Trujillo, with art from Eaglesham and Jan Bazaldua. Fischer will be from the Railways and is described a “fearless teen” who stepped up to protect those around him, including fellow “runaways and the unhoused.” Trujillo revealed that Fischer is very much inspired by heroes of the queer community, including “activists, leaders, and everyday folks pushing for a better life.” He added Fischer “stands for the oppressed, and the forgotten.” Check out the variant cover for the series by Nick Robles.



WTF is up with the detachable arm …???


I thought the same thing.

I’m over here wondering what’s up with the floating head at the bottom… :wink:

Is that shield a garbage can lid??

Maybe it’s because my introduction to the mythos of Captain America is basically through the MCU (I haven’t read any historic Cap books) but I’ve always seen Cap as less a specific person than what he embodies. They were looking for a certain kind of person to give the serum to and Steve Rogers just happened to be the person who was the person they were looking for. The kit and the design don’t really make Cap to me, it’s the person inside that kit. So… while I’m not buying this, because I don’t buy Cap books, it’s a totally believable character and design.

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I think so. Fits if he’s homeless.

seems interesting… Cantwell is a good writer. i’m curious what time era this character lives in. is the 1930s (railways? war era?) or 1970s b/c he looks kinda punk with the hairdo and kicks.

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I’d say with the sleeveless hoodie, very 2000s era…

I’m just wondering what his super hero name will be once Cap convinces him to branch out on his own persona.

Proud Boy?

Can’t foresee any issues there.

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Pride Boy

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I really can’t take a character in overalls seriously


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It just looks ridiculous to me.


Marvel should make Carol danvers a lesbian.That would be more interesting .People are more attracted to two attractive females than two gay guys.

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Tons of straight women actually love gay fan-fic and porn. There is a ton of, “Stucky,” stuff out there about Steve Rogers and Bucky. When this was announced the first thing I wondered was if this Cap would have a Bucky he’s romantic with.

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Still not popular as lesbians ,though. Porn , books and movies sales of consisting of two attractive female lovers attract more customers. Lesbians are also more accepted than gays around the world.

Overall, yeah. I just wondered if this Captain America was an attempt to appeal to the Stucky crowd.

You are projecting your outlook onto the world with your statement. Jus’ sayin’. I digress. :v:


I already cast the part for Falcon and Winter soldier