New Moon Knight Series (Jed MacKay and Alessandro Cappucio July 2021)

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The mysterious Mr. Knight has opened his Midnight Mission, his people petitioning for protection from the weird and horrible. That protection is offered by Moon Knight, who stalks the rooftops and alleys marked with his crescent moon tag, bringing violence to any who would harm his people. Marc Spector, in whichever guise he dons, is back on the streets, a renegade priest of an unworthy god. But while Khonshu languishes in a prison that Moon Knight put him in, the white-cowled hero must still observe his duty: protecting those who travel at night. And let it be known – Moon Knight will keep the faith.

“I’m very excited to be working with Alessando Cappuccio on the continuing adventures of one of Marvel’s biggest messes - Moon Knight!” MacKay said. “In the wake of his disastrous attempt to take over the world in the “Age of Khonshu,” Marc Spector (et al) has retreated to what he knows - busting heads on the streets. But despite betraying his god to the Avengers, the Fist of Khonshu’s obligations remain the same - to protect those traveling at night. Apostate priest of the moon god, the mysterious Mr. Knight has opened the doors of his Midnight Mission, where those in fear of the weird and strange may petition for the aid of the Moon Knight! But this doesn’t sit well with everyone, and hidden threats circle Marc’s new start from the shadows…”

“When Tom Brevoort contacted me to work on the new MOON KNIGHT series, I couldn’t believe it,” Cappucio said. “Debuting in Marvel Comics with one of my favorite characters is a dream come true! The story is a new beginning for Moon Knight, Jed did an excellent job as usual on the scripts and I’m delighted to be working with a professional of his caliber.”

Since his first appearance in 1975’s WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #32 by comic book greats Doug Moench and Don Perlin, Moon Knight has stood out over the years thanks to his intriguing mythology and the psychological complexities of the character. Having enjoyed critically-acclaimed runs by Brian Michael Bendis, Warren Ellis, and Jeff Lemire, Mark Spector now makes his much-demanded return with a series that will give Moon Knight fans exactly what they’ve been asking for and serve as a perfect gateway for newcomers interested in this unique Marvel hero. Don’t miss the start of Moon Knight’s new era when MOON KNIGHT #1 hits stands on July 7th!


Written by JED MACKAY
On Sale 7/7!


Awesome, I loved the Age of Khonshu storyline. Looking forward to this


Awesome !


Same. Made me want some Moonknight and like America Chavez this story will probably have some MCU cues to it.

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McNiven’s cover originals:



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About dang time!!! I am buying every copy I can lay my hands on until my wife puts the parental controls back on. I am super stoked about this!

Has anyone seen his work Cappuccio’s work before? I found pictures of him, but not his art.

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Thanks for sharing! I’m not on those platforms, but I can probably dredge some photos from an image search in Google.

I’m quite excited. Mackay has been doing a great job on various comics including, “Black Cat,” and I’m not as familiar with Cappuccio’s stuff but he did some cool, “Power Rangers,” stuff from what I could find. I’m hoping it’s good.

ewww Romita jr. Will avoid every cover he does

Come on… why’s he got to F with Moon Knight!

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I felt like I was a hostage to his art while reading his run on Wolverine.

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I like some of his stuff. That cover…not so much.

Not to be rude or anything but for someone like him to be in the comic world for so long and still draw like that is a big let down. He needs to get some lessons from his dad.

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Nah, him and Liefeld just light cigars with Benjamin’s and laugh about it on Saturday nights.


wowzers. Trying to decide if his head looks like an old TV or an old alarm clock.

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Commodore 64 monitor


I’d imagine the conversation goes like this on those Saturday Nights:



Either my taste or JR Jr.'s style changed a bit sometime around the late '90s. I don’t really dig the blockiness his figures often have, but I do think he’s easily a stronger artist than Liefeld. Romita has good panel storytelling sensibility, which Liefeld has never cared about. And he can draw a good Spidey.

That said, this Moon Knight cover ain’t it. But I’m tired of the “hero in the rain” trope (which Batman is PLAGUED with.)

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