New Ratio Variant on Mycomicshop

Mycomicshop has been putting up variants cheap. Here are this week’s drop:
All Against All #2 1:25 Variant
Amazing Spider-Man 17 1:25
Avengers: War Across Time #1 1:25
Batman and the Joker the Deadly Duo #3 1:25
Batman Incorporated #4 1:25
Batman the Adventures Continue Season III #1 1:25
Black Panther #13 1:25
Daredevil #7 Momoko 1:25
Dead Lucky #5 1:20
Flash #790 1:25
Godzilla Rivals: Rodan Vs. Ebirah #1 1:10
Grim 7 1:10
Human Target 10 1:25
Lazarus Planet Alpha 1 1:25
Mary Jane and Black Cat 2 1:25
Miles Morales Spider-Man 2 1:10
Monica Rambeau Photon 2 1:25
Star Wars the Mandalorian 7 1:25
Tiger Division 3 1:25
Wonder Woman 795 1:25


I think that sometimes they under grade their comics. I got a VF comic from them one time had it graded and it came back 9.6. Make’s me wish I got it pressed first.

I can’t say its the same for me. I had pre-order a set of books for rebirth, they came with color-rub, with bend. I ordered like 15 books. Had them sent replacement 2 times on the same order, both times ended up with defect as well. Definitely, not happy.

If your ordering incentive variant, or something of value. I would stay away from them.

I have found the same. They over grade when they buy and undergrade when they sell.

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It’s setting expectations. When I worked at a restaurant, the hosts will tell you the wait time is 45 minutes to an hour but realistically it’s only 20-30 minutes, so you’re “happy” they got you seated much sooner. :wink:

As with any place you buy back issues from, they assign a grade when they bag and board. And who knows how much they flip through whatever containers they store them in. It’s not like they regrade and validate books before shipping them out.

I recall years ago listening to someone complain on and on about MCS because they got shipped a book that was over graded in their opinion and they should have “checked it” before shipping.

Imagine the overhead to do that with every sale?

So I’ve gotten both over abs under graded comics from them. I’ve gotten damaged new issues from them that were clearly manufacturing issues (like a big crease or scrape across the front cover).

It’s a crap shoot any way you look at it if there are no pictures.


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@monopolyjackson they didn’t have them up last night

high ratios get put up on Wednesday

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Good to know. Thanks Monopoly

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Alpha Betas 41:10
Amazing Spider-Man 17 1:100
Avengers: War Across Time 1 1:25
Batman Incorporated 4 1:50
Batman Spawn 1 1:666 McFarlane Spawn Cover
Batman Spawn 1 1:666 Capullo Batman Cover
Carnage 9 1:25
Damn Them All 3 1:75
Dark Ride 4 1:25
Flash 790 1:50
Lazarus Planet Alpha 1 1:100
Miles Morales Spider-Man 2 1:50
Something Is Killing the Children 28 1:25
Something Is Killing the Children 28 1:50
Star Wars the High Republic 4 1:25
Star Wars the Mandalorian 7 1:50
Wildcats 3 1:25
Wildcats 3 1:50
Wonder Woman 795 1:50

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Da fuuuuuq ???

Well there went my interest in getting one. Sheesh.

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I know. Seems every other week MCS plays the Ebay game…


…For a comic that six months from now will be worth half of what most paid.


Definitely a quick flip.

Colored version is better.

its about scarcity. likely rarest cover for eve 1st app

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A 1:25 for $100 is too risky for me. I should have bought them from Midtown last week.

But 2023 is gonna be a good year for scarce ratios…

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