New Symbiote?

Hello, fellow Chu’se heads. I think I may have stumbled onto something. Let me know what you think.

I just finished reading this weeks Red Goblin: Red Death #1. Its a series of short stories about Norman, Normie and The Red Goblin. In the last story theres a part where Norman has realized that the Carnage symbiote has purged all the nanites that Spidey put in him to keep him sane. That was why Norman sought the Carnage symbiote in first place. After Norman realizes all the nanites are gone, he can still hear in his head a faint cry to ‘protect innocents’. He then, as Red Goblin, seems to purge a small peice of black symbiote goo out of his Carnage symbiote. Then Norman claims to be ‘free’.


Meanwhile, Normie is on the bus helping/harassing this other kid named Eduardo. The story is being narrated by Eduardos father.

So, Normie has this encounter with this other kid, after (implied) the norman/carnage venom purge. Normie goes on to kidnap this other kid, Eduardo…blah blah blah…and eventually lets Eduardo free…Eduardo goes home, where his dad, the narrator, is putting him to bed. Normie had broken Eduardos headphones earlier in the story on the bus, but Eduardos headphones are now fixed. Eduardo goes on to tells his dad that the ‘magic goo’ fixed the broken headphones. Magic goo? The dad then wishes him good night and goes to turn out the light, and asks his son if he wants him to keep the door open so he wont be scared. The kid says ‘no’, ‘i will never be afraid again’. Kid puts his head on pillow. Dad turns out lights and shuts door. Then this.


Last panel. Eduardos face turns into/is a symbiote/venom like face. I think this kid, Eduardo, was just infected by a symbiote spawn that was purged from the Carnage symbiote, by Norman. Normie picked it up and secretly gave it to this other kid. That would make this the first cameo of this new symbiote/kid.

Oh…and Eduardo, after his dad turns the lights out, has lil whispering black voice bubbles, the same black voice bubbles that the purged black goo had, as if the symbiote goo is speaking through/to him…


So, what do you think? Has Normies classmate, Eduardo, been infected with a new symbiote spawn?


Good catch

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It also says…’the end???’ (My emphasis being on the question marks)

Im sure we are going to see this new character again.

Did you have a little boy, or girl, @Alana? Congrats to you and your brood.


Definitely haven’t heard the last I’d this character, for sure.

Maybe this will continue in Web of Venom: The Good Son in January…or will maybe be a villain/adversary for Dylan whenever he gets his own series which seems inevitable…

Great spec bud. I’m buying a couple copies tomorrow, missed it entirely, thx for this. The story looks good as well, looking forward to reading it…

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A girl Olivia Taylor



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Normie didn’t give him the purged piece of symbiote. A page or two earlier, it shows the boys broken headphones falling into the goo that had been cast of by Norman earlier. It’s a small piece of the venom symbiote isn’t it? Isn’t that what Norman said just before flinging it aside?

You are correct, Normie did not ‘give’ it to Eduardo, per se. Eduardo came across the purged symbiote goo while running from Goblin Childe (Normie), in the Red Goblin house/base where Norman had previously purged the lil black Symbiote goo from the Carnage symbiote.

Yes. I :100: believe it is implied that this purged symbiote goo is somehow a piece of the Venom symbiote, or something to that effect. In the first photo in the OP it shows Norman talking, pre purge, about hearing a voice that wants to ‘protect innocents’. This is no doubt an ode to Venom the Lethal Protector of Innocents. Norman then goes on to say, just before he purges the black goo, that it must be biological remnants of the Carnage Symbiotes parent, aka Venom.
The new sybiote ‘spawn’ that seems to have found a host in Eduardo, also has black voice bubbles, just like the Venom symbiote, and the ‘mask’ that Eduardo showed, in the last panel of the story, is definitely reminiscent of the OG Venom symbiote.

Congrats Alana.


Interesting that this kid’s name is Eduardo, the Spanish translation for Edward (Eddie Brock).


As far as spec goes this is pretty cheap so I would think it is a good idea to at least get the 1:25 variant. It isn’t hard to find it priced a little more than double cover, before shipping. If it pans out the book will be worth more than $10 and if it doesn’t a loss of $10 is no big deal for a decent looking ratio variant anyway. The 1:50 can be found under $20 as well. Not bad either.

Knowing Cates it’ll be a while before he comes back to this character…so wait for the hype to die and then grab then incentives for below (maybe half) ratio.

And now CBR is running with this story. The cheap spec window may be closing.


You posted this info 11 days earlier than this story here on CHU, congrats, great spec man! It’s going to be a fun experiment watching the impact of that article on supply/demand. Midtown currently has all covers available and none are sold out at diamond as of this morning… Very doubtful that will last, but always good grabbing a base point before the fun begins…:fire:


I can see this as a legit long term hold. Odds are we will see this character down the road. Maybe part of an all new Power Pack or something. Who knows? If this does heat up get the 1:25 at least! It can still be found for under $10!

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Regular copies can be had off eBay for $2.50

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Not sure this is a Symbiote or just something in armor with a head like a Symbiote…but regardless how come no one came up with this name during this “name the next Symbiote” contest a few months ago???

Closest name was “pathogen” I think.