New Toys Sightings!


Just a thread to post any toy sightings you happen to see in your travels and want to share.


Running thru Walmart this morning…spotted this in the toy isle…brings back memories!

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I don’t have a photo, but I just noticed that the local walmart is now carrying the NECA toy line. This is new! They had moved into the Funko pops/McFarlane toys and such very extensively with a sole display in the electronics dept (at least for most Wal-marts) about a year ago, but NECA wasn’t a deal with them yet.

Target has carried NECA and Gamestop, but Walmart will be another nice avenue to get ahold of them.

For those not into/aware of NECA, they do a ton of very cool/higher quality action figures for most of the horror films (or non Marvel/SW stuff). Friday the 13th, Halloween, Gremlins, Aliens, Predator, etc, etc. I personally am a big fan of their stuff.


@drogio the skiff goes so nicely alongside the Jabba Barge.
I still have my original skiff from 1985, but these new ones are much nicer and certainly less of a risk to “play with” lol.


So I found these at the Goodwill last week. $3.99 for Cykill $5.99 for Staks. The boxes have some where and tear but all in all a good score.


Goodwill? Good Lord!

Nice find. I assume the go-bots are inside the boxes? :grin:


My newest vintage toy I’ve bought

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Yep. They’re in there. Never played with. Im thinking someones significant other decided to get rid of them. I dont think they are worth a ton, but I used to play with these growing up. I didnt want to put up pictures of each one, then each one opened, then , the list goes on


I did not realize that Go-Bots were Tonka Toys. Neat.



Found this at Walmart

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Interesting! I had read/heard that the AT-ST Raider was a Best Buy Exclusive only?
I’ll have to keep an eye out for it at Walmart!
Thank you!


Neat, patiently waiting for the AT AT rerelease.


I feel left out… since I will not step foot in any Wal-Mart. But I’m not a big toy collector… I buy some but not often. Now, I do buy LEGO’s and most of the time, if I think there’s going to be value with unopened boxes, I’ll buy two sets. One to build, one to tuck away.

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If you like Wendy’s and you like Transformers, well you’re in for a treat!

Autobots Prime, Bumblebee and Windblade (this is the best they could do?).

Deceptions Megatron, Starscream and Soundwave (the top three most popular - no contest).



And Don’t forget McDonalds looks to be clearing out old inventory and calling them “throwback” toys starting tomorrow!

McD’s Throwback Happy Meal Toys

I actually wouldn’t mind the getting the chicken McNugget characters. I always found them to be hilarious.


Wow I almost remember all those toys over the years.


Jabba’s Palace…might be worth getting just for the Han in Carbonite!!!


Hot toy for Christmas in my possession! Will really tie the house together lol.

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@drogio If you decide to purchase one of these, please be sure to double check it. There are rampant reports (and I’ve personally seen it) of people buying these, replacing the figures with peg warmer/crap figures and returning them. Some are just doing it right in stores.


The ol buy ‘n’ switch ‘n’ return trick. Scammers have been doing that for a while now with all sorts of toys. I’ve seen Marvel Legends toys with the BAF missing, or some random item inserted into the blister packs.

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