New Venom character Codex

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I’m new to the forum, I see a lot of valuable and current information regarding new books floating around this site.

Question regarding the new Venom character Codex who had his first cover appearance on the cover of Venom 25 / 2nd print.

Do we know anything about who this character is? He appears to have a similar marking on his chest to Knull and a general Knull vibe IMO. He also appears to be a great looking character for artists to draw badass covers with…

Do we know if he’ll be part of the upcoming Knull event or if he’s connected to a previous story arc I may have missed?

Also, is there any word on what issue his first appearance will be? Based on the recent comic trend of breaking out first cover appearance / first cameo appearance / first full appearance. It seems like his first cameo appearance should be Venom 27 and his first full appearance Venom 28.

Thanks for any thoughts or insight.

Nope, not really. It’s pretty much one secret that has not had any more details being spilled or leaked out.

And we don’t even know if his name is Codex, that’s just a name some groups have run with…

His first appearance was actually in Venom #25. That cover is from the inside pages. Yes, brief cameo but that’s his first. The first full I think most are now anticipating Venom #27 since he failed to show up in Venom #26, despite all the retailers creating store variants with him on the cover and some going as far as to saying he was in the issue.

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Also, welcome to the forums! :chu: :partying_face: :chu: :champagne:

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This is the latest hint… “Future Venom”

However, previous to that tweet … we had this to go on…

Ah… hidden deep within the twitter world of replies and mentions… ughhh…

From the guy who created him and his original art broker…

Silly question, but what do we think “Future Venom” means?

Okay so Venom 25 accounts for first cover appearance and first cameo appearance.

I’m going to go ahead and assume that Venom 25 / 2nd print will be his best first appearance book. Moreso than Venom 27 based on the covers, which issue came first and what I believe is the more limited print run.

Never base your buying or spec on supposed print run. Print runs don’t determine value, they only factor in when it’s supply vs demand, etc.

Key books for this new Codex will be issue #25 as a cameo (2nd print since they used interiors for the cover so it makes it a first cover appearance) and then possibly #27 if he shows up in it with a first full, etc.

Some store variants might be nice flips but long term, always go and stick to the official releases, not the exclusive store covers. Buy’em if you lik’em though.


Future Venom? I have no clue!

Venom 25 second print is going to be a huge book imo.

2 cameos, cover appearances for them, Knull, the Maker and what some say is a Celestial bounded up.

The Knull Infinity Gauntlet could be a tell of what’s to come.

I think his First Full Appearance will be good too. Along with the better Venom 26 variant covers.

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If you’re following the story, both Eddie and Dylan got thrown into another Universe that appears to be some type of future… so I’m thinking Stegman and Cates were referring to “Future Venom” in that aspect, not the aspect that in the end, there will be just one Venom in the future… that won’t make Marvel money if they did that… :wink:

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I’m aware of the future arc, I’m just afraid to speculate beyond what we know when spending other people’s money.

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Yup, too soon to say what they meant by “future venom”… my guess is based on the story thus far… New universe, looks like a future run by symbiotes… It can all change with the next issue…

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I typically go for the official releases as they do tend to maintain better value. But yes, sometimes I do just want an exclusive due to it looking cool.

I feel as though I’m seeing more interest in the Virus character, but for some reason, I’m actually more interested in the Codex character. Which is a bit odd since we don’t have much info on him, I guess we’ll see

I’m with you on your preference to “Codex.” He seems to be higher up the food chain with more legs.

I think the pendulum will swing once we know more.

I do get the higher up the food chain vibe as well. I may be reaching a bit on this character to justify loading up on Venom 25 / 2nd print. I picked up 3x of the trade version and 4x of the virgin, which I typically try not to do too often.

I went a little crazy on him.

116 # 25 second prints
114 # 26 NGU 300 Homage Variant
70 # 26 Kirkham Secret Trade Variants
54 #26 Kirkham Secret Virgin Variants
51 #27 Kirkham Mystery Trade Variants

It’s been a rough month for my finances … lol.

Well now I feel like I’m too light, haha. I may try to get my total of Venom 25 2nd print up to 10 total. I also have one copy of the Venom 26 Lee variant, which is actually one of the only store exclusive covers I own

venom 25 will be the book for codex i feel, the 2nd print, cover A 1st print, and maybe the 3rd print 1:25. i add the 3rd print incentive cause cover A of that is so god awful the incentive should be kind of scarce

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