New Venom character Codex

The Lee is sexy too…

I don’t think you can go wrong with getting more Venom 25 second prints.

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Luckily I have a Venom 25 sitting in my pull box at my LCS.

Also, I’ll have the check the pages of Absolute Carnage again but I swear there is an image of Codex in one of those books, from about the chest up.

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Hope it is ok to add this as it is a bit off topic…apologies in advance.

I’m still feeling good about Venom 2099 and Alea Bell as it relates to this storyline. Been discussed already and pure spec but…

We are specifically given a hint in solicitations that Eddie is going to have some new “allies” for the upcoming story/conflict. I actually enjoyed that 2099 story and the character. I think she could very well fit into this whole future plot. Just another possible piece for the puzzle.

Also, completely agree on Venom #25 2nd. Just a very cool book,art, cover regardless of spec. Still very surprised how few of these I saw. Even the regular 25s weren’t overly abundant. I continue to believe COVID had a significant impact on these issues relative to ordering/fear of the unknown (same as with Thor #5).


the “new allies” are most likely the Venom hunting Avengers seen in Venom #27


Will be interesting to see what the cover for #28 holds in store (and when we will see it)?
Fact that we’ve seen #29 and not #28 is interesting.

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It would probably say more about what’s in 27 than in 28.

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@Devildog, I’ve been thinking the exact same thing in regard to print runs for first and second prints of 25. I think every version is short printed relatively speaking.

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That’s what I’m thinking too. I think Codex’s First “Full Appearance” will be in 27.

I am interested to know who is on the Venom #27 Kirkman Secret variants. Looks like a form of Venombuster.

This one?

That was a store variant, it has no meaning to the story or anything to come, the artist/ stpre thiught it would be “cool”


You’re probably right, but with a bonded Celestial on the cover of Venom 25 second print you never know.

Plus Marvel added this to the equation yesterday…

Yep, that one. Wonder if it will be significant.

That’s Virus. Seems like he is for the time being anyway.

What is FOC on Venom #28? I do t see it on TFAW or Midtown.

It’s either next Monday the 10th or the 17th. Venom #27 was FOC on July 20th and comes out August 12th so they’re usually FOC about a month from release, normally.

Venom #28 FOC is August 24th

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I was close… :wink:

Shouldn’t it be up on TFAW or Midtown?

Gotta check off the pre-order or out of stock boxes on Midtown. They only show release date not FOC. Midtown probably wont list until a week prior since it was part of July Previews. TFAW just doesn’t always show all books for some odd reason, maybe shows up in couple of weeks right before FOC.

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