New Venom Series by Al Ewing

Art from the New Venom #1 from Al Ewing, Ram V, and Bryan Hitch
Sneak peak will be in FCBD Spider-Man Venom

Just placed my preorders earlier for the FCBD book this morning might add a few more copies in case something happens.

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This is the big announcement they were hyping up :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That’s a top notch team if you ask me. Looking forward to see where Venom goes next


Donny Cates and Ottley on Hulk

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Soooo Al and Donny just switched comics?


I thought immortal Hulk was done at #50

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Lmao I just said that… Trading series

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That definitely looks like Flash Thompson Venom.

The old switcheroo :rofl:

This is INCREDIBLE hulk :rofl::rofl:

Cates did Guardians then Ewing took it over. Ewing did Hulk and now Cates is doing it while Ewing is on Venom. At this rate you’ll get cates on spider-man after Ewing. Spencer ain’t leaving anytime soon

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I like Ottley draws Hulk. Hes going to give some kinetic pages if they make it more action and less story.

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It’s like wife swap…but comics instead of wives.


Hitch sucks.

Getting ready for Knulk! The primordial god of Gamma Radiation! Present from the earliest days of the Marvel universe! He has all the power to defeat every single character in the Marvel Universe until he doesn’t!

This is it Hulk Fans! It all comes down to the KING IN GREEN!


:joy::joy::joy: I legit dropped my phone laughing at this.

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Is that before or after The Green Winter?


Another character will take down Green Winter in one of Donny’s other books.

Everyone will spec hard on the inclusion of Dr. Doom in the Green Winter series, and he’ll be strongly hinted at… but never appear.


Two awesome writers on Venom with a sometimes snazzy artist sounds good for me!

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