New Year 2023

Wow, that was not expected. RIP,

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Whoa. I literally was reading about him a few nights ago. I forget what lead me to reading up on his story…

I still try to get my kids to watch Big Adventure…that and Goonies.

They have no interest. Kids these days.

Well, this is sad.


RIP :cry:

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Wow. Too young. RIP

Dale would say it was a conspiracy

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I don’t know if any of y’all are wrestling fans, but fuc*k me if this one didn’t hurt.


So many celebrities from our youth are passing on. RIP

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If I recall I watched a documentary on Terry Funk a while ago. It was some doc about the ups and downs of his life.

Terry Funk is one of the best of all time, man had a career spanning 50+ years and was still doing great character and in ring work way past his prime


You know, I’d keep thinking he had passed on only to see he was still around.

99 is pretty amazing. Lots of summer days in my youth sitting around the TV in the late morning keeping me entertained when I had nothing to do.

And that classic Happy Gilmore scene is an all time favorite.

RIP, Bob. Thanks for the memories!


RIP Harleen (misspelling intentional as a tribute).

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I’m realizing no one posted to give Bray Wyatt a mention. His Fiend mask reminded me a lot like Violator or maybe that one batman-related cover (sorry, I don’t know my DC). Dude was only 36.

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36 is young. I don’t follow wrestling, what happened?

I think it was a heart attack.

im waiting for the episode of dark side of the ring before i judge

This sums it up. Bray Wyatt Not Wearing Heart Defibrillator at Time of Death, Despite Recommendation