No more 2nd Prints from Image for the foreseeable future

Image announced that they arent going to be doing anymore 2nd prints for a while. Make sure you get your orders in for any first prints you may want. Also, it may lead to some higher prices down the road if any of these titles heat up.

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Told ya guys to get that WHATS THE FURTHEST PLACE FROM HERE #1 2nd print…

I had to get it cause TFAW canceled my first print vinyl one I had on order… :cry:


This is gonna lead to some crazy stuff…

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We’ve seen these types of announcements before from Image where it’s reversed almost faster than it happened… remember when they said no more exclusive variants for stores, only Trades were allowed… I think that lasted a whole day before they realize it was a bad idea. Then what’s his face there, Stephenson claimed ratios were bad and I think they stopped doing those briefly as well… now they’re one of the worse, doing what BOOM! does with the really special McFarlane signature ratios to really boost those sales numbers…

I’ll believe it when I see it and see it happen for more than 6+ months… :wink:


This is more by necessity than some arbitrary decision. It will probably stick for a bit, obv not forever.

My guess is it will be reversed at LEAST when Saga comes out.


I doubt they will do printings for saga. The new solicitation specifically said only one cover. But we know how that goes :rofl:

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So the most recent Image #1s:

Righteous Thirst for Vengeance - Already got a 2nd print
Hellcop - just released, no 2nd print announced. No heat on this title
Second Chances - no 2nd print announced. No heat on this title.
Echolands - Multiple printings
The Me You Love in the Dark - multiple printings
Primordial - 2nd print might be last print?
Frontiersman - no 2nd print announced. No heat on this title.

Not much here. I guess Gunslinger Spawn? but that could get a 2nd print a year from now, I’d imagine, not that it will need one with the first print run.

guess they finally realized there is some kind of paper shortage

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We can blame McFarlane for the comic book industry implosion in the 90s… can we now blame him for the paper shortage with his Spawn print runs? :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is most likely due, imo, to the impending global paper shortage. No 2nd prints to ensure that their is enough paper stock to ensure they can still produce new 1st prints.

(Edit: should of read the whole thread before my reply :man_shrugging:)

Haha, you should cause I know it’s because of the paper shortage more than likely but anytime I can poke fun at Image, I do… :wink:

It looks like the first prints of What’s the Furthest Place From Here #1 are all sold out at TFAW and Midtown two weeks before the release. With no second prints, do we think this may be a hot book?

They already had a second print for the vinyl, so that one is still coming I think. But this one had a massive order total to begin with I think. It still has potential I think as I’ve read it and I really liked it.

“It will definitely be optioned” -Rosenberg

If I was writing comics, I’d be saying the same thing on every single one of my books I put out… muhahahahaha… :wink:

So does the gang actually encounter mutants or are they just a group that’s fighting the system.

Hasn’t gotten that far into the story yet in the first issue from what I recall.

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