Any spec value here? Not sure if this is just another Undiscovered Country… would love to hear some opinions/predictions

I doubt it. Print run is going to be massive. Like Undiscovered Country Ill pick it up to read but I dont expect it to tear up the back issue market.

any spec would be with kickstarter soft cover, 300-400 ordered, cgc grade able

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I’m not spec’ing on it. I probably won’t even buy it. Anticipating a digital review copy I’ll probably post a sneak peek of when that time comes…

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I pick up a lot of Image #1’s. I dont get many past #1, but I like Tony Daniel a lot so I think this has a chance to be decent.

I’m gonna read it, but doubt it has spec.

I’m getting it because it looks interesting and like something I’ll like.

what the over/under on number of different shop variants ?

Too much 90’s cheese going on with it. Im passing.

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Yeah that’s kinda how it felt to me too. Even back when I was looking at Snyder’s Kickstarter push it seemed like a money grab. I’m gonna pass as well

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Is this part of Images new superhero universe launch or nah??

And I agree probly not the greatest spec. but i’m ordering big for one factor alone no one has mentioned. Its a first new ongoing and Bosslogic is doing a cover. Yes please!

It is separate from the superhero stuff.

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Whoa that bosslogic variant is sick. Ok I’m gonna pick up a couple to pad my High Republic 2 2nd ptg order

Damn it. I didn’t need a new series, but the premise sounds solid, and that Jock cover.

kickstarter is getting mail out to people monday.

I asked for Boss Logic Variant and The Glow in the Dark Variants.
Also Geiger is going to have Glow in the Dark Variant

A nuclear-themed comic with a glow-in-the-dark variant is kind of funny.

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Did you guys see the Capullo cover?

Nocterra #1 (Cover D - Capullo)

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They had a retailer Q&A with Snyder and Daniels a little bit ago and I saw it then. Made me more excited for the series.

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