Non-Stop Spiderman Spec

In random yet related “people reading the forum” news, I got this email about four hours after having posted and never having purchased from the shop before (at least I believe I haven’t)

Either that or Google is tracking what I say.

It’s a wholesale opportunity. They are in the UK. Who wants in with me? Lol. Looks like they are half off of wholesale. Could grab them at wholesale plus shipping and break them up.


I could be down for a cheaper one

Pretty sure it’s google. We’ve been looking for a runner rug for one of our hallways, on, and yesterday we got a postcard from them. Not a coupon, just a postcard; never gotten anything from them before.

Your names included in the pic if you didn’t want it out there.

Everybody knows his name…


They have all that info except a website or prices? I’m starting my fire to send my order via Smoke Signal.

I mean, “Half Price Books,” is a generic name, but it works. You know they’ve got cheap books!

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Man that’s an awesome cover. I’d be down for one or two

Do you have a link to the website?

I would get some for sure

Thought he made an appearance in Amazing spider-man annual 38 as well.

They should have kept “Ghost Spider” for this character. It’s too perfect as a companion to Ghost Rider.

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Well, you don’t know if you’re getting 50% off of a book, or half of a Richard Price novel (and which half??)

Thanks for looking out ToddW. Yeah, I have never covered my name on the site. People know who I am. But I appreciate you mentioning it.


I’d be down for copies, depends on price of course. Can’t find any info anywhere.

I’ll bite on a copy if you decide to do it. Maybe two if they’re cheap enough, but one for sure.

Yep, both the Hulk and Spidey annual are part of a series - Identity Wars. There was previous spec shortly after Cosmic Ghost Rider I believe on various ghost mashups so I picked up both.

Edit- KCC lists Hulks as the 1st

Hulk kinda looks like he Leatherfaced some other hulks face into a mask here.

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I’m in on it if you do it. Depending on the price I’ll do somewhere between 1-5

I’d probably be in for 1.