Non-Stop Spiderman Spec

Non-Stop Spider-man is coming out March 3, 2021. It is rumored to have the bad-ass character Spirit Spider in it (see below)

He has had a Funko Pop, was in the Spider-Man PS4 game as an unlockable skin, and is now rumored to be in the book. He is a Peter Parker from an alternate earth, but Spider-Verse makes all appearances of Spider-men relevant.

I have seen a store variant claiming first cover and first appearance (see below)

While is is definitely a cool cover, and his first cover, it is not his first appearance. His first appearance is in the 2011 Incredible Hulks Annual #1 which is a hard book to come by. He originally appears as “Ghost Spider” a name that Spider-Gwen now occupies.

There are only 5 copies listed on eBay. None on Amazon, none on Mycomicshop, none on Midtown, well you get the point. There has only been 3 sales of the book on eBay in the past 30 days.

So the to wrap up, if hype kicks in on the character in Non-Stop Spider-man, the already hard to find actual first appearance may be a good hold.


I took the bait on one of the 3 eBay copies. Guess two were already bought up. I have a PS5 and own one game (Spider-Man), but I’ve yet to open the console. Day one purchase too lol :thinking: Guess I better get moving and check this character out.

Also, thank you for the insight as this spider looks completely bad ass. I’ll be checking out the new book come March.

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This is the correct hulks annual, I hope? Thanks for the info and I pulled the trigger on a newsstand copy for $20 including shipping.

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I also bought another (last available) 2 copies off Mercari. I really like the looks of this.

What store has the exclusive you listed above?

Was able to find one at Graham Crackers and another on Atomic Avenue

Limited Edition Comics and Collectibles

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Yes, that is the correct annual. And yes, took some digging but it is Limited Edition Collectibles

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Depending on the cost of the store exclusive I will probably grab a couple just because it is a nice cover. There are many variant covers that the art has yet to be revealed. Curious to see if he appears on any of those covers.

Do they not have a website to order from because I’m not finding anything but a Facebook page and a website you can’t order from?

I have no idea how to order or from where. I originally didn’t even know what store the book was coming out from because they didn’t do much to advertise it.

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Non-Stop Spider-Man was severely delayed… I thought the original release date was suppose to be last spring… I recalled having it in my TFAW pre-order for months and months, with no listed release date so I eventually removed it cause I got tired of seeing it in my pre-order listings.

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Also, who names their store Limited Edition Collectibles… that’s about as generic as it gets. Might as well just call your business X Brand or Acme… Geez!


I am starting up my new company soon. I thought you approved of the name “Store Exclusive Variants”. It is catchy right?

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Or… “We burned all but 500 copies” Collectibles


That would literally be “comics heating up” when you set them on fire.


Store Exclusive Variants is the bestest name ever…

It’s better than bestest. It’s the bestestest

I’m gonna open a shop and call it “We Sell Comics”…

I always like the inner city stores called “Going Out Of Business”