Nothing to see here! Major X #0, Venom #19 and Miles Morales!

Hello, so just goin throw some stuff out here.

Major X 0 looks like it may be good long term. Liefield is suppose to debut some future, power ranger looking x-men.

Venom 19 which is an absolute carnage tie-in I believe, could be big. Solicitation states something to the effect that something big will happen to Dylan Brock. If so you could see vol 4 #7 & 9 go up as well.
May want to keep an eye on #18 and #17 they are also tie-ins.

Lastly Miles Morales Spider-Man 10 is supposedly a milestone issue. Maybe a new villain. Read the solicit. Worth mentioning Mcguinnes is doing a 1/50 on this issue.

“Take care now, bye-bye then” what movie character said these words?

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Venom 19 should be fun. It’s about time Venom-Bite does something. I’ve also heard rumors the kid doesn’t live through to the end of Absolute Carnage.

Even if the new spec from Major X 0 washes out the book itself

Representing the classic Wolverine (1988) #154-155

should be in some demand for years as a space filler for those hard to find expensive issues it reprints.

It will be interesting to see. Hopefully they will come through with something exciting.

Alrighty then.

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So seriously is it just me or do you get a power ranger vibe? Full article

I guess we can add faces to the list of things that Liefeld cant/wont draw. Feet. Hands. And now faces.

Makes me think it’s Racer X’s pit crew since he introduced Racer X a few months back as Major X.

Is Liefeld even trying anymore?

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Has he ever tried? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sadly, yes…in his own mind he tries…

You can lock this thread. Turned into bash Liefield conversation or if you want I’ll just delete it. I honestly don’t know why I even bother sharing on here.

Also why was my title changed without my permission?

I think the whole community thanks you for your post. It is a good, relevant post. But please dont be offended by others opinions of the material at hand. If everyone was to just mindlessly agree, that is not constructive. No spec goes without its critics. Its a part of the spec beast.

And to answer your original question; It does have a Ranger vibe, amongst a whole host of others that I cant quite put my finger on. :v::beers:

Liefeld bashing is kind actually is like shooting fish in a barrel. Once you’ve taken a few shots you realize it’s not really a challenge and you move on…

That being said, I’ve been hoarding high grade copies of Venom 7/9, buying them if I come across 9.8 candidates…hoping it finally pays off.

My eBay sales have been significantly slowing since this eBay state tax thing picked up more and more states participating. My sales average over the past few months is half what it’s been the past few years…

Fortunately I do it for fun, and it’s only a source of income to buy older keys.

It’s not yours, it belongs to CHU to do anything they choose with. 1st Amendment doesn’t apply here. Anything you say can and will be altered.

There is an easy fix for that. :v:

What are you talking about, @BJ? Can you give one instance where something was altered or a post was erased? People dont erase your posts, BJ. We just scroll past them. CHU, in my 4 years of visiting, has never erased someones post.