Nottingham (Mad Cave Studios)

Just read the first issue of this one and really enjoyed it. It’s the classic Robin Hood story, but from the perspective that Robin and the Merry Men are terrorists and the Sheriff is trying to stop them.

Anyone who’s a fan of medieval fantasy like Game of Thrones or Witcher should check it out.


That’s pretty great. I grew up in Nottingham for a time. I lived right next to Sherwood Forest. I saw Robin Hood’s tree lair. Fascinating. Did you know they had fiberglass back then? They managed to shape it like a tree. Those crafty merry men.


What the heck, I threw a copy in my pre-orders from TFAW

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So you are the Wooky of Nottingham we have heard about. Sadly, your family story was left out of the tale

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We don’t do it for the glory. We do it for the mead.

Also, did the ups really not outnumber the downs?

I threw a copy in my pre-orders (claiming it’s a must for me) when I mentioned this in my January Indie Previews… 23 days ago…

Doesn’t anyone read the main site anymore?

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I do. It’s just harder for me to comment on for some reason.

and the wenches


I think there’s a bug if you have a account and you have an actual account on CHU… try logging in with your CHU wordpress account and log out of

Yeah, but. there was no topic about it still.

Oh I know… I was just poking fun at Anthony who doesn’t even read his own website… :wink:

I have a website?

You did… I’m taking over now… :wink:

I live on the Nottingham boarder and we do it for the serving wenches…

It was already on my list. I’m a sucker for these type of stories and liked the cover.

I just got an email about this. Figured for $20 signed by the artist it was worth it so bought a few

NOTTINGHAM #1 SIGNED MATT DALTON 616 V For Vendetta Homage Variant LTD – The 616 Comics

*edit Only 200 print run on this cover supposedly so yea

I hope people listened and added it to their pull lists when I posted this!

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Yup, part of my January previews picks as well…

I ordered a few regulars and some some store exclusives like the signed ones I posted with a 200 print run so I am good. Some new news on this book?