Nottingham (Mad Cave Studios)

Not any real news other than now that it’s out a lot of people are really liking it and buying up copies. It’s now sold out of first print at Diamond and at Mad Cave.

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Good call on this book.

It has been selling for $30+ consistently.
Let’s see where the market settles.

I’m hoping to get one. My preorder hasn’t moved the qty to “in process” on TFAW

I think they’re trying to squeeze in two weeks worth as they had severe delays in getting their books from Diamond. @RipCityGamer correct me if I’m wrong…

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Yup. Should be processing last week’s + this week’s comics by end of today.


So, we can put the torches out and pitchforks down?

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Yeah, ya’ll need to hurry up. My pre-orders now have books I wanna read. Don’t make me drive up there… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah better keep those out in case more winter storms come.

I ordered Resident Alien Omnibus and still waiting on it… I need it before the next freak winter storm here in Austin so I got something to do when power goes out… :wink:

Was hoping that’s the situation

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Wow, up to $30. I went to a new store yesterday and they had a pile of these, totally missed it. I’ve got two copies from my pre-orders. Haven’t got around to reading yet.

I had one I preordered from Westfield so I didn’t bother grabbing one at a local shop when I saw it and thought, “Huh, the forum had been discussing that.” My mistake is someone else’s gain.

Also: It was an okay read.

Well this comic has went nuts.
Might see the same thing with issue #2, I have some on my pull list but thought I’d add a few elsewhere, and before I could checkout it was GONE, sold out.
The games are already starting

Man, that seller has 7 negatives in the past month. Nope, nope nope… :wink:

unbelievable, three #2s just sold for $25
Guess I should just pre-order 20 copies of Nottingham every time, smh.
One of my LCS didnt even order #1, but he said he was #2. Gonna get up early tomorrow I guess.

I flaked and missed foc on TFAW. I was able to order still. Hopefully I get one :grimacing:

Great read. Been on my pull since issue #1, thanks @agentpoyo :joy:

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Was able to find one more in the wild today, two stores were sold out.
This one is going straight on ebay, as I have two more from pull-list.