Nth Metal Man

Writer Dan DiDio will team with artists Shane Davis and Michelle Delecki on a twelve-issue maxi-series called Metal Men, drawing from the events of Dark Knights: Metal in the creation of a new character: Nth Metal Man.

I thought you meant Nth the Ultimate Ninja

No, something new and almost interesting sounding tying into the Dark Knights Metal storyline. I’m trying to remember the last time they did anything interesting sounding. Last one close to interesting was probably Legends of Tomorrow back in 2016.

Is Nth Metal Man ties to the other Metal Men…or Is the title just coincidental, and thus really that lame do you think?

The description sounded like a New Metal Man made of Nth Metal and a story thru 12 issues related to the Dark Multiverse from dark Night Metal that brought a number of other heroes into the DCU and a Villain you may have heard of. I think clicking on the word in blue from the 1st message takes you directly to everything I know myself from the place I read it.

I don’t think any of the characters who came from the dark multiverse were heroes…not any more than the BWLs. Maybe yellow death flash as he momentarily reverted back before dying was the closest one came to being “heroic”…

I read he link…it didn’t answer any of my questions. Thanks though.

I haven’t read them since they didn’t appeal to me but they had or still have their own books after coming from or somehow being affected by the Dark Multiverse starting at the end of the DN Metal Series.

Damage, Silencer, Sideways. The Terrifics were also affected for a time and started from that point. I have been reading the Terrifics the whole way so the idea of the Metal Men getting a 12 issues series and a new Metal Man the Nth Metal Man sounds appealing. I can’t wait until we have more information. It’d be nice if they could cross Hawkman into the story for parts. I’ve been enjoying his series as well. Maybe at least one mixer with the Terrifics so we could get all the stretchy guys together. Plastic Man, his boy, Metamorpho and his dog and all the Metal Men together. Reminds me of what used to happen when they’d give me all the Playdoh colors to play with at the same time in my Fun Factory back in the early 70’s. Rainbow chaos!!!