NYCC 2021 tickets

Anyone attending NYCC 2021 this year. Tickets go on sale today and they are limiting tickets.

Any guess how many tickets they will sell vs previous years? 50% capacity?

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Dunno the amount of tix offered - but I just checked out after staring at that rotating circle for 35 minutes

As much as I’d like to meet up with some of you, cons don’t appeal to me at the moment. I’ll wait this one out.

I’m a 2hr metro north ride from NYC, so maybe if there’s a a gathering outside of the con I may be up for an excursion.


I’m 2.5 hrs (depending on traffic) NE of NYC. I might be interested in a meet up outside of the con as well if people were inclined.

All days are sold out except for Thursday. would be cool if there was a comic heating up meet up at nycc.

Managed to grab Sunday tix. Was hoping for Friday and Saturday but I’m excited to be going.

It will be my youngest son’s first NYCC so we are pretty pumped up after missing last year!

Thursdays, historically, are always the last to go.
For me, Thursdays are #1 primo/must have.
If you want to flip exclusives (and that’s a big part of NYCC for me), then a Thursday attendance is a must.
Additionally, getting on lists for art commissions happens on thurs.
I guess the fact its a work day is what prevents it from being THE ticket to get

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I’m debating… the crowd and the suspected health of all who attend in Oct has me iffy. Might by tickets then decide if I actually go.


As for this year, CHU is not having an official presence. I will not be going due to COVID. While I am way more comfortable doing things locally, I am not going to NYCC this year. Poyo isn’t going either. Press passes were also extremely limited. To be honest I didn’t put in for them this year.

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Even if we got press passes, I wouldn’t attend this year. Even being fully vaccinated I don’t want to be in such large gatherings.


Damn, was hoping to see Anthony escorting a chained Poyo.

Maybe in 2022.

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2022 it is!

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I purchased my tix after about an hour wait. I’m looking forward to going but I hope it will be a different/safer experience than years past. I’m most interested in the exclusives and perusing back issues so for me, THE days to go are Thursday and Friday, but I’m okay with missing exclusives this year if it means doing the con safer (for instance, I’m not doing the crazy early morning line-up thing this year). Hope everyone who attends keeps it safe for everybody’s sake.

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Good luck… in 2019 I was on the floor and made my way to a few publisher booths before most got there and most of their exclusives were already sold out. The retailers who have access on the floor before the general crowds went and scooped them all up at a lot of the booths. You could then find them at the retailer booths at jacked up prices. I think NYCC needs to tell booths, no sales or transactions allowed until after the floor opens (official convention start time) to give everyone a fair chance at merchandise.


I agree there has to be a better way to sell. I still remember the debacle of two years ago with those Spawn #300 gold/silvers. What a mess that was. People literally scrambling over each other. Not doing that this year. I’m getting too old for that. Perfectly content with hitting all the back issue bins. Lots of deals to be had there.

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Image stopped allowing those with Retailer badges and/or Professional badges from purchasing their exclusives early on during opening night the last couple of NYCC’s.
Not sure how rigorous it was/is.
Image, as far as I’m aware, knows the little scheme/“in” that retailers with retailer badges pull with their exclusives.

There is, of course, ways around everything but I won’t go into them publicly here.

Oh, yeah kudos to Image for blocking retailers from buying but most have regular badges as well from what I’ve seen but I will note, the way they handled the lines was an utter shit show as well.

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Yeaaaaaa… my “… of course, ways around everything”


Yeah that was crazy. I managed to grab 2 silvers and had them signed by Todd. Oddly enough I was left in early somehow and still could not get a gold.

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So it seems like at least a few CHU-ers are attending. Anyone willing to share what exclusives they will be going after? It’s always difficult to find all of the NYCC exclusives being offered. Here’s my list:

Nottingham #1 (Mad Cave)
We Live #1 (Aftershock)
We Live #1 (TCM) - maybe
Death of Dr. Strange (ebay) - depends on the cover so maybe
Batman 89 #1 Louw (Eastside) - maybe, just to flip it
Stake #1 (Scout) - maybe

The other exclusives I’m not interested in, but I’m probably unaware of a lot of other exclusives. This year’s exclusives are a bit underwhelming. I’m not going to wake up early and get to the line first or anything like that this year, particularly with all attendees having to go get their COVID bracelets first (I don’t live in NYC so will not be going in advance of Thursday).

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