NYCC Star Wars


Was just going to post this for everyone! Haha, still in stock as of now.

NYCC in December?

Yup, guess they put them up early. 2,080 left as of now.

Surprised it hasn’t sold out faster. Maybe lack of forewarning so people are just now realizing it’s up?


Got my 2. Thanks for the heads up!

Got 1 plus some other stuff that was $0. Thanks!

Strikeforce #1 JTC Variant

Check this one out too! Going for +- $100 on ebay. The Reedpop site has them for $25. It let me order a couple without saying they were sold out. Worth a shot!

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Thanks for heads up picked up Star Wars book!

Those, “Negative,” covers are quite hot. Amazed it put more of that Spider-Woman variant in stock. Might be a glitch, might not. I ordered some so thanks for sharing!

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There’s 400 copies in stock of spiderwoman

How do you know the total stock? Tell me your secrets!

Put 1000 in your cart and hit check out


Just enter a high number like 5000 into quantity in your cart and will autocorrect to how many left.

If they told you, it would not be a secret anymore would it? :slight_smile:

Print run is “supposed” to be 2000.

Oh, but they did, so now I know all!

I wonder if some was kept back for cons of the print run and with no cons happening they said, “Screw it, sell the rest!”

Sound theory. Where else could they offload them?