Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney Plus Speculation - SPOILERS

Some Obi-Wan spec. Many will already be known from you guys. Now it wouldn’t be a surprise if it was expected but still, I don’t think we get too far out of the box on this series.

Anything you fellas/ladies think I missed? Or anything you think I’m a big idiot for? Fire away.


Do we have any speculation/confirmation on who Kumail Nanjiani is playing? IMDB has him for all 6 episodes.

This goes into some rumors so if you’re wanting to avoid all rumors now’s the time to bail out.


So from what I can gather his name is Haja and hes working with a group who is housing force sensitive refugees on the planet Jabiim to try and keep them from getting killed by the empire/inquisitors. No idea of this group includes jedi or just children/unaligned force users who are being hunted. It’s easy to think we could see someone like Cal Kestis or Kyle Katarn but I really don’t think we see them in this show personally. Maybe a reference but still that may detract from the main plot too much.


mephisto is be in episode 2


Hanging out with Doctor Voodoo in the Mos Eisley cantina having a Blue Milk Mixer!!!

tom cruise is the bar tender , i think i saw that movie


Just give me a heads up when Miles becomes a Jedi.

his apprentice darth tosin kills him with his infinity saber

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As someone who really only follows Star Wars comics you guys are speaking jibberish.

Is this better: Darth JarJar confirmed.


lol now you’re speaking my language


thats happens in star wars #25 (100)

It’s the plot of Acolyte.

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So any hits from the first two episodes?

young leia plays a big part, 2nd episode ends with obi and leia on there way to meet people who will help, but doesnt say who they are. im thinking Kanan and ghost crew but who knows

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should people start listing their DV6s now? The GI didn’t last all that long…technically we did not see a death.


I wouldn’t sell mine I bought it specifically for the GI well before Obi Wan was ever written. But if you have multiples and bought them to specifically flip them, then youre probably already too late.

Haven’t watched the episode yet, but have you watched Rebels?

If you’re referring to GI’s fate, he doesn’t die until the end of season 1 at the hands of Kanan and Ezra.

If that’s not what you are talking about, then carry on.

I suppose if Maul can be sliced in half and be ok, GI is going to be just fine.

He seems like a bumbling idiot though. Does he want to capture Kenobi or not? He’s getting in the way more than helping…my impression, anyway.

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The dark side of the Force works in mysterious ways.

I guess Vader could find him just in time and intervenes similar to what Palps did for Vader, which may lend more info to what GI said when he actually died in Rebels about there being worse things than death. Or, it’s a totally different GI which would be weird.

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