Obi-wan kenobi series to begin production in april, cast revealed

They are wrong, though.

They state that Kanan 12 is Grand Inquisitor’s first appearance (5/2016). He showed up on Rebels Magazine #3 (4/2015), though:

KEy Collector also states that Darth Vader #6 (2017) is the first appearance of Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister, but Rebels Magazine #16 precedes it (4/2016):

They appear on 7 pages of issue 16.

Guess they just reference comic appearance?

Quick, someone buy :wink:

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I just don’t get the firm stance people take on the size of the paper it’s printed on :man_shrugging:


Magazines are for reading when you’re going No. 2. Comics are for collecting. There’s a big effing difference… :wink:

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What the hell do we care? Makes it cheaper to acquire these rare mags in high grade. Eventually they come around when the “not a true first appearance“ book gets expensive….

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Let the spec begin!

Sung Kang’s Star Wars Character Has A Lightsaber In Kenobi Show

He’s either a Jedi….or not a Jedi!!

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A “leaked sizzle reel” ahead of Disney+ tomorrow shows some concept art. It’s making the rounds on the internet. It was released during Disney Investor Day 2020, however. Interestingly, Ewan McGregor states that he and Hayden “have another swing at each other”. Implying they do meet up in the series and go head to head.

The concept art looks like it shows Second or Seventh Sister of the Inquisitorious!

It also shows Vader on what appears to Mustafar in his castle:

Darth Vader 19 from 2015 is her first appearance correct?

That’s just a one page cameo. You want the Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order—Dark Temple #1 for the first full appearance. The 1:10 Game Variant cover is a ghost online.

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If you want first stateside traditional comic book yes. Plus the full in Dark Temple 1 as well. You know I always beat the Edgmont Foreign Rebels Magazine drum as first appearance, but nobody listens.

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It’s not the Second Sister.

Second Sister died at the end of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which takes place 5 years after the end of the Clone Wars


Yeah you’re probably right then. Obi wan series takes place 10 years after ROTS. Probably
Meant to be seventh sister.

Do you think this to be a comment designed to get people excited but isn’t entirely factual? I ask because if Vader and Kenobi tango in this series that kinda undermines Ep 4…

I’m all for telling new stories and expanding the lore ESPECIALLY between Episodes 3 & 4, 6 & 7. But the meeting between Vader and Kenobi in ANH is so much more powerful now that we have ROTS.

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I hear what you’re saying, but I’m personally excited to explore these 30 years between ROTS and ANH. The galaxy is a big place, but there’s got to be more to the story between Obi-Wan and Darth Vader. Especially keeping the twins a secret. You’re right though, hoping it doesn’t take away from the relationship. I think the reason to have hope is The Clone Wars series added so much more context and back story to the prequels.

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I don’t think it’ll take away from New Hope and what was shared there story wise. If you rewatch New Hope/Empire Strikes Back, etc from Episodes I, II and III, Obi Wan (the older one) contradicts some of the story between him and Anakin/Vader to Luke, handling of Leia and such.

If the series introduces Obi and Vader going at it, that just makes me want to watch it more now… I want more Vader myself.

You could be right of course. Immediately afterwards the reel shows their martial arts sparring in Covid masks. Obviously he could be referring to their training together.

“When I left you I was put the learner, now I am the master” That is the line that sticks in my head. That, to me, implies that their last meeting was on Mustafar.

They could engage is some sort of a force/Astral plane battle but that would take away from the revalation that Vader has about not having felt his presence since…

I think the most exciting stories to be told in TV & movies are in the 20 years between ROTS & ANH and the 30+ years between ROTJ & TFA. That being said playing semantics won’t keep fans happy. They need to be more Feloni / Favreau and less Kennedy/ Ruin Johnson.

Watch this:

Obi talks about when he first met Anakin, being a great pilot, took it upon himself to train him as a Jedi, etc. Umm… what happened to Master Qui-Gon Jinn last wish to train the boy?

There’s other similar occurrences where they were changed in the I, II and III episodes, small stuff but that stuff sticks as contradictory…

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