Obi-wan kenobi series to begin production in april, cast revealed

What many said back when Disney bought Star Wars they would end up ruining the story by adding bits and pieces between the films. Rogue One worked well because it introduced new characters and added to the story without making new stuff up and everyone died so no need to explain what happened to them.

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He piloted the pod racers and later the Naboo Starfighters. I think that is how George made that line work. Also, the Jedi Council said that Anakin shouldn’t be trained and Obi-Wan defied them and said he was going to do it anyways. The council kinda said “okay fine… I don’t like it, but I accept it.”

I get what you’re saying though. There are bits and pieces that don’t totally jive. I don’t mean my rebuttle to be argumentative at all and I hope I don’t come across as such.

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