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There was a tweet I thought from Rich.

Rich had no problem running serial clickbait articles on the peccadilloes of Cameron Stewart, Brian Wood and Warren Ellis. Why not Ed Piskor?


Its up now…


Didn’t bleedingstool also completely ignored the cgc reholder scandal, the biggest comic related news story that was rocking the industry?

Yet Rich never hesitates to boast that they’re the first to report any minute and irrelevant news gossip they get their grubby mitts on.

Bleedingstool truly the armpit of the comic book industry. I don’t even read them anymore, i have a news aggregator that loads up all the headlines from the sites that i follow. The amount of sensational and clickbaity headlines they spew compared to other sites is unbelievable. I’ve gotten to the point if a site doesn’t get to the point in their headlines and requires you to click on their link to find out what they’re talking about i bypass them altogether. Haven’t read bleedingstool in years.


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To provide clarity on the recently announced White Boat #1 7" Vinyl Signed (JAN248829) incentive, DSTLRY will be re-FOCing this item along with White Boat #1 Covers A-G on 04/08/2024.

Please see the below clarification for qualifying details:

Retailers must have placed orders for either The Devil’s Cut #1 Cover B or H (JUN231790, MAY238546) at FOC to be eligible to order JAN248829 based on the following qualifying incentive criteria:

Match or exceed your orders at FOC for The Devil’s Cut #1 Cover B & H (JUN231790 & MAY238546) …

… with your orders of White Boat #1 Covers B & F (JAN241577 & DEC238231) …

… and you may order an unlimited number of the White Boat #1 7" Vinyl.
DSTLRY has also announced an additional incentive to reward retailers who increase their orders of non-returnable, fully orderable covers (B, F, & G: JAN241577, DEC238231, & FEB247758) at the re-FOC as compared to their previous 04/01 FOC orders for each cover.

For each non-returnable fully orderable cover that experiences an increase at the re-FOC [ex: Cover B (JAN241577) 04/01 FOC order as compared to Cover B (JAN241577) 04/08 re-FOC order, etc.], DSTLRY will send 50% (rounded down to the nearest whole number) of that increase amount as additional free units.

Please Note: To be eligible for this incentive, retailers must have placed orders at the original FOC on 04/01.

They just can’t get this to be simple can they? Now we know where the secret mystery cover H is. It was in an entirely different title and still is. Now we know this after FOC has passed. What’s the point of reFOCing if you’re also saying it’s not going to count if the April 1st FOC has already passed and you hadn’t ordered at that one?

Invoice Availability Notice for
Product on Sale April 10
Dear Diamond Customer:

Due to the software changes necessary to implement Diamond’s new Standard Flat Rate Shipping program, the invoicing for all shipments containing product for release on April 10 will be delayed while invoices are reviewed.

Because of this review, invoicing will not be available on Diamond’s Retailer Services Website at the usual time.

As soon as invoices become available, we will notify you that they have been posted online. Please note that this delay will not affect the shipments of next week’s product.

If you have additional questions regarding this information, please contact Diamond’s Retailer Services Department.

I caught that this morning with the e-mailed invoices for next week. They didn’t charge for the 3% of retail freight like they said they would so the rep was looking into it. Boom’s freight credit was there but I’m assuming we’ll get new invoices sent with new totals. I thought they’d just double it up next week. Now where’s that bottle of white out for the check register.



Is anyone else in the path of the eclipse this coming Monday? We won’t get totality in the Saint Louis region like some years ago but a chunk will be covered.

The center of the band of totality is going right over my dad’s house and also my sisters (they live down the road from each other)

I knew about this two years ago and said “I need to block off that day on my calendar to make a trip home”. Forgot about it until about a month ago. Unfortunately my wife had already bought plane tickets to see her family so I will miss an opportunity of a life time…

I’m a goblin fan…but even I think the number of goblins now is a bit ridiculous. It’s hard to get excited about yet another mashup as well. We’ll see.

It’s Marvel. That’s pretty much all they are capable of doing these days.


I will be 95% covered here.

dude, same.

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damnnnnn, dude.

I’m in the path but not directly near the center. I’ve taken the day off to travel a bit to get closer to the center so I can see a longer period of darkness.

But I’m watching the weather too, thunderstorms might ruin this for Central Texas.

I’m near Indianapolis and we are in the path of totality. They are reporting 500,000 people coming into the city for viewing.

Very interesting to see Bleeding Cool getting blasted for being silent on Ed Piskor’s death and then running an article later in passive voice stating he died like it was something that just happened to him.