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This screams 90’s

I’m sure it was just an anomaly, but there were very few of those Red Band Blood Hunts around here. Plenty of the others…just not those.

I saw only one. But my shop doesn’t order much for variants of any most books.

There are some pretty significant differences between the red band and the regular. Like the last page for example.

With May 4th just around the corner, the Angels stadium had this. Very cool drone show.


So which version is the true, “In-Continuity,” version?

Both. They just show different angles. The story isn’t different.

I see. Interesting tatic.

I was pretty excited about this. I know some folks I mentioned this to were like “I hate signatures…I would have cancelled”, but that just doesn’t make sense to me.

For free (signed vs unsigned) it would still be an easy sell if you couldn’t bare to look at a signed copy.

I know Campbell is a love/hate deal but I thought the cover A was amazing.


I opted to upgrade to a signed copy…shocker.

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New Tom King Series featuring Jenny Sparks and Captain Atom. Black Label. I will read anything (and everything) that Tom King writes. Especially his mini/maxi-series. Maybe this gives Stormwatch 37 a little bump again. And, there were rumors that Captain Atom might play a bigger role in the new DC movies, so it would make sense to get that character going again in comics first.


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That REALLY nice and cool.
But at almost $1K, … yea… ummm… think I gotta pass

Can buy a nice Thor key book for that price.

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But but but but this is a “forever” statue! :wink:

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