Odds and Ends

It is more of an art piece then if it can’t be read?

I mean, I guess CGC slabs are art pieces in that sense too.

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I think of CGC slabs more like boat anchors :wink:

I just saw Clayton Crain announced for a comic con in my area in a couple weeks (Motor City Comic Con).
I believe it’s his first appearance since all the craziness.

Dont take your wife to the con…


Solomon Kane may be one of the monster hunters in Werewolf By Night

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Clayton Crain blocked me on instagram, Ive never even commented on any of his stuff

Probably not missing much…

Is Black Flagg Comics going?

That headline could sell tickets in its own!


Probably your CHU name. He might find it…distracting. lol


my social media handles are different than my username on here

He reads CHU

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They all read CHU probably… :wink:

As a sucker for cover gimmicks, yessssss.

These look awful

I love these. Hope marvel does them too.

You hush and embrace the gimmick!

I love the 90s cover gimmicks. The embossed covers were never one of them. I’ll pass on these but if they do other gimmicks I’m in.

I hate embossed books I have Dark Avengers #1 with a imprint of Maestro

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I dig seeing the old school DC bullet trade dress again.