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That’s tragic. I’m sorry to see that. :disappointed:


Rhianna is going to headline the Super Bowl halftime show. I wonder if this means she’s finally gonna make some new music. I don’t blame her for not making new jams in a long time, of course. She’s a billionaire thanks to her other businesses.

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what in the cyberpunk dystopia is this

Alright…file this under WTF !!!

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but, why?


Super Mario Bros movie poster


This is a really cool compendium releasing on Oct 18th.
If you enjoy Ray Bradbury, or the EC comics, etc.

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I tried watching the Munsters as it’s on Netflix and I’m a huge fan of Rob Zombie films and Sheri Moon Zombie (I have autographs from both) I felt like I needed to be on quite a bit of LSD to find anything enjoyable about it, I fell asleep an hour in.


Where can I get one?


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This is not meant to be political at all, but legitimately believe that POTUS recently stated that the pandemic is over??

Covid isn’t going away. It’s just reached a point in the US that enough people have had some version of it and/or been vaccinated, so we’re transitioning from pandemic to endemic.

Not sure how many people will actually see this comic anyway.

Of course Ultron would be an anti-vaxxer, he wants humanity dead!

Note: I don’t want to start a political discussion, I just saw an opening for a joke and took it.


Ive made jokes about chickens that got me a strike so be careful.

Yes, because it likely tied into abortion itself. Lets just keep that talk off the forums. We are here to talk comics and pop culture news, not crack jokes that might actually offend others.

Now, on with the odds and ends without breaking our rules/policies.