Odds and Ends

FWIW, I don’t think that the current V/Ewing run will stand the test of time. It seems to try to piggy back off of and then expand the King in Black role, but does so poorly. I think it will be largely ignored as time moves on. This is just my opinion.

I agree that Knull’s “death” was fairly lame, he should have put up a tougher fight against the God of Light seeing as how that was supposed to be his equal/opposite. That being said he is a cool character and totally bad ass looking.

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Now EW & Marvel are spoiling it…

Doctor Strange recently died and he seems to be doing OK now


The timing with The Marvels movie is terrible. I guess it doesn’t matter, it’s not like the MCU actively advertises for monthly comics.

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Should have been MJ.

They’re getting out ahead of the negative backlash.

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I’m sure they will eventually get around to her, too. Every major character seems to require a death now.

Kamala? I’m surprised, actually. Not happy, but quite surprised.

I agree with you 100%. The Sentry showed up and they simply just tossed him away. What a great way to make a character with potential look totally useless.

Off topic. Am I the jerk here. Had a few minutes to grab lunch between meetings. Only thing close by is McDonald’s. Ordered a burger on the app. Went to the drive through to pick up. No cars in front of me and no cars behind. Pull to the window to get my drink and burger, no changes just regular order. They ask me to park and they would bring it out in two minutes. I said there is no cars behind me so I will wait and if someone else pulls up would move. The manager came over and told me that if they ask us to move and say please we are required to move. I laughed and said I plan on moving when either the food came or a car comes behind me. He got really aggressive yelling at me telling me he would not serve me then. I reminded him that I had paid. While this exchange happened the person came over with my burger. He then told me that I had made their drive through clock hold longer. I said that was the key, they were trying to game their drive through clock showing they are serving people faster.


Na. You were in the right. I order on Taco Bell, Dunkin Donuts, Wendys, etc apps, choose the park-n-wait option and always go through the drive through to pick up. Never a problem.

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My first job way back in the 80’s when I was 15 was fast food. I was literally trained that the customer was always right and to be polite even if they weren’t. That’s part of what I was paid to do. No matter where, that philosophy seems close to dead these days.

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A bitter policy weenie guy

If there was no one behind you and they’re trying to game the system clearly they are in the wrong. I have had situations where I’ve been asked to move but it’s almost always because I have some weird menu item I got or had a unique request and they need some extra time to make it. For example, at Raising Canes I like to get the chicken with no breading a.k.a. naked bird. That takes extra time because they don’t have any prepared so they usually have me pull around and they bring it to me a little bit later. Your situation was just them being silly.

The thing that really bugs me is this McDonalds is by a train station and homeless guys are constantly coming over hassling you for money. It’s why I don’t do curbside there.

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I love hearing “the customer is always right”, it’s my cue to indicate that whatever I want is free, because I’m the customer, and I’m always right.

I use the Dunkin app. I used to order ahead (walk in) before heading in to work from my house, and by the time I got there it would be ready for me at the counter.

This was pre-pandemic. Since then management has changed and like many minimum wage jobs they’re struggling to find good help.

They got so inefficient they put out a sign at the counter which said if you ordered ahead through the app, come to the counter and they’ll start preparing your order.

Needless to say that defeats the whole purpose of ordering ahead if I have to stand in line to tell them to start making my mobile order.

I sent in a few complaints through the app, and each time clicked on the option for someone to contact me about it.

Never received a single phone call or email. I stopped going to that location for a few years now. There are others on the way to work…just closer and I have to drive a little bit longer before getting caffeine in my system.


You can now buy the digital copy of Super Mario Bros on Amazon Prime ( I think Apple TV also has it. Not sure as I dont have an Apple device) if you dont want to wait for the DVD release.

That seems really fast.

Amazing when we used to wait literally years for a movie to be on TV or become available on video tape.

Yeah I was going to take my boys again this weekend but my youngest told me that his friend watched it on Amazon. My wife bought it today and we re-watched it. It beats paying $100+ on the movie theaters again…

Casey Affleck would whip that store into shape. He’s like the mayor of Dunkin