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Mike Mayhew?


mayhew for a long time liked to screw over his buyers by offering a 3rd cover after selling out of 1st, this killed value of the 1st and made you pay separate shipping, pissed alot of people off


@Kevin @D-Rog

Thank you for reminding me. Yes, Mayhew as well. Grrrrrrr… that guy


In my area, comic shops are a bit nervous. The UAW strike will likely start tomorrow and it is absolutely incredible the impact that has on everything in our communities. The Big 3 are the lifeblood of so many in Michigan. Scary times for the employees/their families and the very first thing to go are the non-essentials. Clearly it isn’t just Michigan that would be affected of course. Teamsters won’t cross picket lines to 5k trucking/haulers will be impacted, etc.

I can’t count how many friends/family members are impacted. Already seeing the “need to sell it” posts or “anyone have odd jobs” posts just in case the strike were to become really ugly. Car prices from the big 3 already through the darn roof and no matter the outcome of this…they will now go up even more.

Hopefully it will get resolved quickly. I know folks have tons of political opinions on stuff like this. This isn’t a political/taking a side post in any way. I get it…in the end though, so many “regular Joes/Janes” and their families are really impacted by this situation.

If any of you regulars on here (that I’ve come to consider friends), are impacted and you can’t afford your monthly pulls because of the strike…message me on here, I’ll take care of them for you.

Hopefully the talks progress today and a resolution is reached without a strike. Seems like it is foregone conclusion however at this point.


It is a scary situation to go through for sure…

I was on the Salary side of the John Deere strike a few years back and saw how that decimated families and smaller towns where a Deere factory was/is the life blood of those communities.


Unpopular opinion - I want the strike to happen.

These big companies need a wake up call. Too many people at the top do very little work, but make millions. There needs to be a wipe-and-refresh.


@monopolyjackson I would say 99% of the friends/family/general acquaintances I know (and that is a ton because of where I live/my family history) absolutely agree with you even if it is scary for them.


Yup… big companies need to start taking care of the people who keep them in business.

When I was in Seattle last fall for tech conference, saw Starbucks Employees out picketing their store. I almost felt like grabbing their extra signs they had and joined in…

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be on the lookup for the Wolverine #37 promo “surprise” variant

I think its one-per-store

this really hurts the 1:100…MUWHAHAHAHA


Nice! Is that out this week?

this coming Wednesday. the interior art looks damn good !

Cool! Thanks for the heads up.

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When you’re feeling good about a book you purchased…

…and then some guy has 9 COPIES for sale !!!

(I would say more based on odds of getting a 9.8)

WTF ???

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This is unbelievable. So someone sent the following books to a comic book store Comic Book Station in Brooklyn to get them slabbed and graded by CGC.

House of Secrets #92
The Amazing Spider-Man #300
The Amazing Spider-Man #238
The Amazing Spider-Man #36
Green Lantern #5
The Amazing Spider-Man #1
X-Men #1
The Avengers #1
Daredevil #1
Amazing Fantasy #15

The package was then delivered by FedEx without going inside the store, and just dropped outside the business, even though it was open. The sender had “accidentally” not ticked the box requiring a signature. Security cameras picked up a guy on a bike about ten minutes later, grabbing the package from outside the store.

Like seriously, cmon.


The only way I ever get those insane books graded is by personally handing them to CGC. I wouldn’t be able to sleep having someone else handle them when it’s 100% on me to get it to them.


heard about this like a week after something doesnt smell right then and still doesnt

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When you have tens of thousands in comics you don’t just leave them in front of a closed building on a busy city street just begging to be taken. That isn’t even done with mail worth nothing. Like Billyraybob said, something doesn’t seem right. If this was just laziness on part of the delivery person working for USPS or Fed Ex and they didn’t feel like getting a signature, someone is out of a job. CGC always sends items out with insurance, so the Delivery company knows full well what they are delivering. or at least the value of it. No way they would say it was OK to leave it as it was. Very fishy.