Oh That KCC…

Probably be one time purchase and then free, with ads built in. We like free info…

Hey - these days it’s simple enough to do both! Free version with ads. Pay version to go ad free. Like HULU - the customer chooses their own adventure.

Wait… why am I giving you free advice? LOL

Oh I know we could do both. Actually if you use an Android Phone, if you click “add to home screen”, it pretty much installs the forums like an app and it should prompt if you would like to recieve notifications, so the forums themselves are already pretty much 80% there being an app with “notifications”…



Every alert isn’t a pump and dump and every mistake isn’t intentional.

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I say this all the time.


As I said upfront, Thread is to differentiate fact from fiction, verification vs. misinformation. They are a popular app but no where is there a place to provide comment/clarification…so if you see something they post worth talking about, share it here vs. some thread like modern comics heating up or other random place.

Feel free to compliment them or point out shortcomings. But be civil with each other or someone will reprimand you.

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You can you moderator….

nebula ?
are they really comparing her to Blade, Black Knight, Kate Bishop, Ironheart, America Chavez and Shuri

nebula is like thanos red haired step child

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Some of their choices are baffling such as this one. Did Chuck Norris die or something?

I think they add some books after scouring the spec sites online. We will often be discussing a book and within a week they add it to the list. We were recently discussing the Deadpool #1 Variant and they added that recently. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them doing it though they should give credit or state where the info came from if applicable.

Eventually Norris will die…or maybe not. He’s Chuck Norris after all…


I do believe Bruce Lee said he was the only person to ever make him move backwards during a fight.


I just recently learned that Chuck Norris was a good friend and sparring partner of Bruce Lee’s. That instantaneously gave Norris 1000000x more credibility, in my mind.

I watched an interview with Norris were he explained what caused Lee’s sudden death. It was rather interesting to me.

kcc is not an authority on anything. Just because they write something, that does not make it so. Whether it be the arbitrary, ever expanding, labels that they make up, or the misinformation they spew in their bullet points.
Venom clearly makes his first full cover appearance on #315. He is on the cover, he’s speaking, and says his name. That is a full appearance. :man_shrugging:

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now they have a cold list with stuff some stuff that are going to have trailers and or teasers pop soon

i have one question whats this guys ebay handle ? :scream:


honestly the whole “highlighting youtubers” spec picks are super annoying, what do I care for some random guy telling me what to buy


Hey @LoveBox , you need to buy Paper Girls. It’s the best title out there hands down… buy them all… ALL OF THEM! They’ll make you RICH! :wink:

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Good idea good idea, I already have like 4 copies tho

Yeah, I sold most of mine already, when they were fetching like $25 to $30 long ago. I think I still have 2 or 3 left, two are signed I think, the midtown quadruple signature one with that awesome COA… woohoo!


Exactly. It might as well be called “random guy’s picks.” Why would anyone be interested in that? As you said, what does anyone care for some random dude telling you his thoughts about comics?


Again with this “Bry’s Comics” dude… :rofl: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :rofl:


Do you think it’s pronounced “Bree” or “Br-eye”…like “Brian”?

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