Oh That KCC…

First “full panel” is now a thing?

Yes and you will love it!

Can we also have… “First full backside before frontside appearance?” That’s also a type of first appearance right? I’m sure it’s happened before…


I’m not sure what constitutes as a “full panel”…

Is it an appearance in one panel that takes up a full page?

Is it the persons entire body, head to toe, in one frame?

Wouldn’t “cameo in flashback” be a better description?

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I dont see Mr sinister at all but what a great comic that issue is.


Captain Britain #8 is the one to own. Took me years to track down a nice copy.

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According to Gocollect:

We can foresee this because that’s exactly how Chris Claremont (one of Marvel’s greatest writers) teased Mr. Sinister’s existence for several issues. In The Uncanny X-Men #212, Sabretooth mentions Mr. Sinister by name for the first time. In The Uncanny X-Men #213, we see a shadowy image of Mr. Sinister when Psylocke probes Sabretooth’s mind.

So I guess this?

First appearance was in 2015.

Not to split hairs but chronologically first appearances?

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Isn’t there a distinction like this with Sabertooth?

I mean what do you consider Jessica Jones 1st appearance, Alias 1 or Amazing Spider-Man 4 (according to Bendis)?

Quick, someone write up Amazing Fantasy #-15 and make it “chronologically” Peter Parkers and Spider-Mans first appearance in the Marvel Universe and boom… everyone’s got a chance at owning his true first appearance now… :wink:


So that makes 1,000,000 BC Avengers First Black Panther, Odin, Phoenix, Ghostrider, Starbrand, Iron Fist, Avengers :kissing_heart:


Um, you’re assuming all the alternate multiverse versions of those characters from Hickman’s Avengers were from universes that followed the same start and finish point for their timelines and that time passed at the same rate in those universe.

Pretty dangerous assumptions there, @alana. Assuming an infinitude of multiverses, the only possible answer has to be that no Marvel characters have any first appearances.

Game over. This whole forum is a farce. Everybody go home.

Pfftt… We can still talk about other things… the CHU forums are not farce! I hereby declare @drunkwooky virtually smited, for his blasphemous talk against thy CHU forums!

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yes, one book came out in 2015 and one came out in 2021

New Avengers 4 2014

Defenders 3 2021

there is already a 616 version of Moridun.

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No I mean there’s a first published meeting between Wolverine and then a later one that occurs earlier.

Now I’m thinking about Origin II and starting to realize how ridiculous this could get. You can always write an earlier prequel.

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Every origin story that wasn’t also a first appearance is technically a chronological first appearance…

Well, I guess maybe it’s how it’s told. Is the origin it’s own story, or is it a flashback. This could get complicated.

Think Detective Comics 27 vs 33 vs Batman 406-409 (Year One).

Yeah, I don’t think it works for collectible analysis. You can’t mix real world timeline with in-universe timeline to try and place keys on some sort of hybrid key issue timeline.

Characters appear on the first published date in the real world, then there’s an origin and when those stories happen in-universe isn’t relevant to their real world collectibility.

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