Oh That KCC…

sheeple are going to buy

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I purposefully didn’t do a spoiler for it tonight because there I nothing new

I dunno…what’s even worth spoilers 5is week other than that Poyo Chicken Devil book. And that would just be to make silly comparisons to @agentpoyo at his expense.

I may slightly be interested in ASM 75 given it’s starting a new creative team…man, they slammed the door fast on the last crew…issue 74 came out last week!

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For those playing along at home, I want to say that KCC vindicated me today by pulling down Defenders #3 as a pick of the week. In Nick’s Oicks had this entry.

So question, what about all the people who ran out and grabbed copies of Defenders #3 based on the recommendation?


I dunno. Sounds like he is saying cameos in New Avengers 2 and 3… and first full is Defenders 3, no?

It reads as, cameo in Avengers #2 and #3 is full appearance. But what @anthony is pointing out, all the info changed shortly after all this was already talked and pointed out on the forums.

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It’s a good idea to do your research, especially if it’s a paid service. Of course, I’m still guilty of this flaw myself. Also, you can’t trust the solicitations. They can be purposely misleading.


In #4 he is on the cvr and featured throughout. That’s where I’m putting my money. And no, not just cause KCC says it. However, it’s good to pay attention to such a big outlet like KCC.

It is saying cameos in 2&3. First full and cover 4. They also say based off the solicitation only they thought Defenders was the first full appearance.

It’s good he adds an explanation instead of just deleting stuff

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KCC is likely attempting to become the “Google” of comic book searches. They’ll dump fake into to bolster their own sales or portfolio value. Just search KCC and whatever info it spews must be gospel. Do not think for yourself or do any research. Trust only in the KCC archive.

To quote Jocasta Nu “If it is not in the archive, it does not exist”

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Maybe they are just relying on user fact checking to shortcut tedious research.

I mean, if you don’t actually personally care about the first appearance of Banthas in Star Wars comics, would you spend and hour and half researching and confirming it?

EDIT: To clarify, I don’t think you should be talking about stuff unless you’ve fact-checked and verified yourself. Just speculating on intent above.

I don’t know if he’ll dump fake news, just premature news to be 1st

Perhaps, but being first translates to clicks which translates to money in their pocket. How much do you novice collectors lose by listening to them?

I actually researched this for Defenders #2 as he cameoed in that issue. I didn’t know the character. Some very brief research and I learned he was not a new character. Like I said I use the app for some stuff and not others. Just wonder how many copies sold off the initial key list vs seeing that they bought the wrong book in the Nicks picks section.

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Yes, but it isn’t listed in the picks of the week section that it was removed from the section. Instead it’s listed in the Nicks pick section on a completely different although correct issue.

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IMHO, I think he’s gotten better with these things but this time, obviously he depended on the solicitation.

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Nick (KCC) should read the ■■■■■■■ books before adding information to entries. You CANT just say “1st appearance” or whatnot based of what the solicitation says…

I get he wants to be first with info, but damn son, do your homework…


Yeah. I mean, you can spec on books prior to release but choose your words carefully until you READ the inside contents. A good speculator and someone who wants to pass on information to others with more details needs to READ the effin books.

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