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Hey All,

I’ll be posting here every Friday on what we’ll have on our show in case your interested in checking it out. Tonight we have special guest Regie Collects as well as our usual segments such as news, Fresh From the Comic Shop, Top 10 Hottest Comics, the Cosmic Minute, and more! We also have our 500 sub contest give away going on as well (second link below). We are live 9pm ET/6pm PT!

500 sub contest giveaway link:

Hope to see you all tonight!


Imma pop in!!

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Happy to have you!

Definitely a fun show tonight with Hood Rat Comics (yes, that’s his name) from Team Nerd Herd!

Also, we are just a few subs away from 500! You can win $100 gift card from MyComicShop.com, a Defenders 10 slabbed comic, and a spec book grab bag. Easy to sign up. Instructions below:

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A fun one tonight with @Nerdy_Girl_Comics. She knows her books!

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Tonight we have a great guest in Prime Time Treasure Hunter. This dude is a master at estate sales, eBay, etc, and not only comics but pretty much everything. Really looking forward to having him on. Also, we’ll be giving @drunkwooky 's site a shout too!

Tonight at 9pm ET/6pm PT.


This week we have Know Good Comics on the show. Really great YouTuber who’s father was an artist for Marvel.

Also, if you all are interested, we share the audiences fresh comic pickups each week. Just tag us on IG (@ComicBookCannon) or use the hashtag #FFTCS (Fresh from the Comic Shop) and we’ll feature them on the show. Hope to see you there 9pm ET/6pm PT!

3/4 weeks of the month, we feature fellow content creators. Tonight’s show we have two greats. Not sure if you all know Swagglehaus Comics and Steve from Team Nerd Herd, but they will both be on. Really knowledgeable, fun, and great people. We’ll have a giveaway at the top of the show. Check it out if you can!


Episode 52 for us which means this Comic Book Cannon thing has been going on for a year. Fun show with Azores Tiger (AKA Eric) from Spine Ticks. If y’all got nothing going on this Friday and want to hang out and talk comics, stop on by!

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Hope yall discuss that terrible Carnage with a tounge. :woozy_face::woozy_face: I’m low key pissed about it. A tounge? And teeth? Smh

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We definitely talked about that trailer in general. The consensus from us was “meh”. Really not impressed, but I’ll definitely still watch the film.

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If you all are looking for something to do on a Friday night, we have a fun show tonight. We’ll be announcing a partnership where you can win 9.8 slabs just by showing off your new books. Check it out if you can!


We have a great show tonight where we’ll be giving away our first 9.8 slab courtesy of the WhatNot app. Instructions in the link below! Also, we have our very special guest co-host Roger Levesque from 3 Men in a Basement!

Huge show tonight. With a lot of talk about the demise of Bad Idea, we will have Co-CEO Warren Simons on the show tonight. Feel free to send me questions here, or ask them live. 9pm ET, 6pm PT. Link below!

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