One Week Later Report for May 5th, 2021

Welcome to the 15th One Week Later Report for 2021.

This week we’ll cover the books released on 04/28/2021, which was last week.

These can be books that were simply overlooked or we anticipated getting hot, total surprise winners and perhaps books that got hyped, ending up as complete duds. Also could be a good list to use when out picking up this weeks books for you Wednesday Warriors…

Nightwing #78 2nd printing has sales all over. Seems to have reached a peak of around $20 and a few between $10 and $15 but seems to be about a cover price book now. Most online retailers sold out quickly but if you need this one for the collection, you can get them cheap now on the secondary more than likely if you can’t find at the local shops.

RWBY Justice League #1 is an honorable mention after taking a closer look, I really love Mirka Andolfo’s work. These sold out at a lot of online retailers but you can still find for cover on eBay if you missed out. These double title crossovers don’t normally see a lot of heat or love in value judging from the past history of them.

GI Joe A Real American Hero #280 had what came off as a JSC type of cover that likely caught some collectors attention. If you found for cheap or cover price, it’s an easy $20 bill currently.

Department of Truth #8 had a pretty cool Sienkiewicz variant B that has prices all over but a few solds for $10. Could be a book to keep an eye on. Pretty cool cover art I think. When it comes to Sienkiewicz I either love it or hate it. Sold out at some shops but TFAW still has them in stock. I still like the Skottie Young variant as well.

I noticed Shadecraft #2 is completely sold out at Midtown but you can still find these at TFAW and likely other online shops or locally, as these are still just cover price books on eBay. If you find any of the Shadecraft #1 still out in the wild, seems that’s still a $10 bill on a good day but seems to have cooled off.

Silk #2 1:25 Besch Variant was a winner if you found for cover or cheap. Current auctions with bids are still pushing this one up over the $60 and $70 price point mark. So if you can find these still for $30 or under, there’s money to be made I think. BIN are still selling for on average around the $80 and $90 mark. A CGC 9.8 pre-sale went for a cool $350 itself.

The one that was likely impossible to find. The Marvels #1 1:50 Otto Variant is going for a cool $150+ easily. So if you found for less than $100, lucky you if you’re an Otto fan or just like to flip by buying low, selling high.

I’m a turd and completely forgot to order this myself and now look, it’s selling anywhere from $15 to $22 for Cold Dead War #2. I enjoyed the first issue and was looking forward to this issue. Guess I’m gonna have to wait for the trade now. But if you’re a die hard fan or can find these out in the wild, not a bad pickup.

Alien #1 got a 1:25 Ratio Second print that’s selling for around the $50 range. So if you were able to snag for cheap, easy money.

Geiger #1 from Image got a 2nd printing with a 1:25 ratio. Hope you didn’t spend too much on the ratio variant as most retailers likely listed it around the $40 price and that’s about the average price it’s going for on eBay.

The regular is seeing sales anywhere from cover price to $10 tops. Still might be a worthy pickup to stash for the long haul if this series continues to stay hot, pickup more readers and eventually get the coveted “media deal” news that really boosts the value with collectors.

Alright, this one isn’t heating up or doesn’t have any first appearances but really, this whole series has been just great. I don’t even think you have to be a Star Wars fan to appreciate the story telling in this series for Darth Vader.

Darth Vader #11 came out last week and just hands down a great read. I know it’s Star Wars, it has it’s fans but this is how comics should be written. Come up with a story and run with it. If you get a first appearance that gets popular and people like, then it’s pure gold instead of the fool’s gold a lot of writers and publishers seem to pump out in hopes you buy based on first appearances and what not. Maybe DC and other publishers should take notice on this series that draw in readers, organically grow the base and everything else (heat and spec) will fall into place.

If you’re not reading Darth Vader, you should be and hopefully the upcoming tie-in with War of the Bounty Hunters continues this comic book excellence.

Kudos to Greg Pak on this title and series.

I hope you didn’t have FOMO! Studios with BRZRKR #1 3rd Printing, paying $100 or more for these copies as they seem to be selling now anywhere from $30 to $50 on average. I do love Mora’s artwork though… but nope, nope, nope. Not playing your games BOOM!.

Now what is likely the big winner from last week goes to Black Widow #6. Caught a lot by surprise so expect low print runs. Mix that with some demand, now you have Supply vs Demand which can boost the value.

It’s an easy $15 to $25 book for the regular cover (although, looks like an auction that ended today someone got lucky and won for a single buck being the single bidder) and the 1:25 Rahzzah Variant is seeing love anywhere from $75 to $100 at it’s peak. I must say, I’ve been enjoying the Hughes regular covers as well. Refreshing from the normal poses he’ll do for a lot of covers at times.


Hopefully Tfaw ships these this week!

They better or I’m just gonna drive up the effing Oregon and pick my own books up in person… (I really just want an excuse to go to Oregon I think… ) :wink:

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You hear me @RipCityGamer , if ya’ll don’t ship this week, get my beer ready, I’m coming to help pack up books! :crazy_face: :beer: :partying_face:

Oregon has some great beer, but has there been an explanation about the delays?

It’s a mix of things, the main thing being Diamond shipments damaged or late then mix that with employee turnover, covid restrictions in the warehouse and the storm in February where they like shut down almost entirely for a week and they’ve been trying to catch up since then

I get that, but there are places that have also been hit hard or harder and seem to be back to normal. M&M, which was hit pretty hard in Texas, doesn’t bag and board and the prices are a little higher, but the books ship out right away and haven’t been damaged yet.

TFAW has a lot of good things going for them and I’ve used them for a looong time, but these delays have been killing me lately lol.

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Yup, everything said by Angry… Just seems like bad luck and we all know what happens when you fall behind, it’s like debt, not so easy to climb out of debt than it is to go into debt. Hopefully they can catch up soon as it’s gonna be nerve wrecking on their end…

CHU nation and the popularity of the TFAW variant thread completely overwhelmed TFAW…

It’s all our fault!

And Bot attacks.


A DHL employee is lying on the ground with my 4/26 shipment and rolling his body length-wise over and over again from Oregon to Utah.

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In all seriousness, after a year at grad school in Oregon, I turned into a full-blown IPA hater for probably over 7 years. I’m only recently trying out these new “hazy” and “juicy” IPAs. I still think they’re a lowly beer masquerading as “complex”, but I’m starting to appreciate them once again.

Oregon needs their craft brewers to calm down their IPAs. Every label is like a threat. “TRIPLE MURDER YOUR DOG IPA! THIS BEER IS BASICALLY JUST A BOTTLE OF UNPROCESSED HOPS IN EVERCLEAR! WE DARE YOU TO DRINK IT, PU$$Y!”


It’s not just Oregon though… I go get beer here in Austin and it seems like 1/3 or 1/2 of the selection is IPA… I’m so tired of IPA’s…

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Oh, so refreshing to hear people who agree with me on this!

Refreshing, unlike many IPAs.


A very fine lager is quite underrepresented.

My favorites are Belgian whites. Also some of the lesser known German Weiss varieties. Brau-Weiss, ur-Weiss, etc.


I find ipa’s to be too hoppy. I have a sweet tooth and like fruity beers. Blenders are my thing lately. New park Brewery.

In the summer I pound grapefruit beers like they are lemonade…and I don’t mean hard lemonade.

I’m big on almost all beers besides IPA’s. There’s some I’ll try If I’ve never tried before but I’d say some of my favorites are Pilsner, Wheat, Hefeweizen, Lagers and it wasn’t until recently I like a good dark Stout, wasn’t as big of a dark beer drinker until after the age of like 35 or so…

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Black and Tan…I was into those for a while. Once in a blue moon I have a craving…

(See what I did there…?)


Just a lot of bad luck so far this year. (Not to mention the entirety of 2020 haha.) 15 of our shipments from Diamond haven’t arrived until after on-sale date so far in 2021. (Some due to Diamond, most due to FedEx/UPS having huge backups at the yards.) Employee turnover is higher due to the pandemic, and then training new people in the warehouse pretty much non-stop. Hiring is also a huge obstacle right now just like for all small businesses.

We had like 2 weeks without power because of the ice storms earlier this year that shut EVERYTHING down until the grid was repaired. And an older building/warehouse that was fine before a pandemic, but with the distancing and rules to follow in Oregon it makes it tough to have enough people in the warehouse, let alone in each area pulling or packing. (And that’s being resolved more, but when you start getting into real estate and building changes especially when they require permits and inspections during a pandemic things move slower than should be possible.)

We’ve been working on catching up, but every time we get close some other big thing happens. Like last week’s Diamond shipment and this week’s Diamond shipment arriving at the same time and both being huge. (But they should begin processing today still.) We’ve doubled warehouse staff, we’re hiring for more PM shifts, and we’re now hiring dedicated weekend-only shifts so that our regular crew can stop working overtime on weekends and get some rest to stop being so worn out.

Eventually things will be caught up, but it’s just a matter of when.

A big thing that would honestly help would be some of the bigger orders (2000+ comics) not selecting to bag and board every comic. In those cases, our staff could spend extra time making sure they’re protected/secure, and the time saved from all those bags and boards would make a difference added up. I stopped bagging and boarding my own orders and have been getting things in better condition than before since they’re all handled less.