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Alright, I’ve got a lot of orders out with Manu different shops, and they’re starting to get delivered.

And with so many hot books and many of us scrambling to find an online shop that’s not sold out, well it’s good to hear some feedback on some of these more obscure ones.

So this isn’t a place to gripe about Midtown’s shipping delays, or TFAW’s flimsy mailers, MCS’s shipping charges, Mile High‘a archaic web design or unknown Comic Books lack of customer service. It’s for grading the little ankle biters out there, trying to compete with the big boys.

So without further ado, let’s start with one I received A shipment from today:

Playsanity Comics

So let’s first set the stage. I ordered two comics, both Spawn 308 cover As, because of a tip here it was going to be hot like 306 cover C, and just about everyone was sold out (except Midtown and MCS which hadn’t gone in sale yet).

Cost for the books was $5.20 (13% off) and first class $4.57. No online sales tax. So ~$10 to my door.

Item was in USPS possession by Friday (2 days after release).

Being first class, it was at my door today (Monday).

A little about their shop; Located in NY State, they offer pre-orders a few months out. Looks like most new comics are 10-30% discounted. They seem To only offer new releases and recent back issues (going back only a few months). They don’t seem to play the spec game, but I do see they are charging $30 for Legends of the Dark a knights #1. But I think most shops are doing this (MCS tomorrow night will be the litmus test).

That’s all pretty good to ok. Buy now the bad:

Shipment was first class, so to obviously keep the weight down they sandwiched the comics inbetween some medium weight cardboard then had a few extra narrower pieces Along the length. The cut outs barely covered the comics, as was also true of the bubble
Wrap envelope. I provided pics below.

So let’s stop right there for a Moment. This is NOT a recommended approach to shipping comics as an alternative to Gemini (or similar) shipping containers designed for comics.

What’s wrong? Well, you can ship comics generally safe sandwiched between cardboard…BUT…you need two FULL PIECES on both sides, and it should be OVERSIZED as to prevent damage at the corners.

Case in point, let’s zoom in on that circled area in the second pic…

Aaaarrrgghhhh!!! Four pieces and a little extra edge distance would have saved these…but now I don’t think even a press will do much.

Not to mention the spine ticks. Hard to say if they were caused by the impact or shipped that way.


This is one of my biggest pet peeves with places that ship first class…cheating out on robustness for the sake of saving a few ounces. Use a freakin Gemini mailer and charge the extra 50 cents to $1…it won’t hurt sales and you’ll have less complaints of damage.

So “B” on the selection (and pre-sales option) and total price. Could offer more back-issues and charge a little more for shipping.

And “D” on their shipping practices. If it didn’t ship promptly I’d have given them an F.

So total grade is a C. As in don’t order from them unless you upgrade shipping or are desperate need…for single books at least.


AHHHH man I just ordered a few Venom 27’s from them for the 1st time B4 this post.

BTW, if anyone else has experience with Playsanity good or bad, feel free to add on. This was my only time using them.

When your books arrive, please come back here and let us know how it turned out, good or bad.

Next up, ComixZone!

This is cool! Keep them coming.

Oh and please do post any reviews if you interact with a shops customer service. We all know damage can occur during transit but the real kicker for me is how a shop handles the damage and how they treat you as a paying customer.

Before I get to the next one, let me say those 8.5 x 11 or 12” mailers are the worst for comic shipping. Using them means forcing thin cardboard into the package that’s barely the size of the comic itself. Many a comic I’ve had arrived damaged because the seller chose one of these mailers…

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In this case it’s not even worth it. I’m not using them again. It was $10 and not worth the aggravation for me. Bette things to do with my time/energy. But if it was a 1:25 (they have a Legends 1:25 up for $200) or 1:50 cover, hell yeah they’d hear from me.

Oh I was just saying in general… if you interact with their customer service, please do review that as well.

Great idea for a thread!


Found this site looking for Captain Marvel 18 that was sold out everywhere. This place had covers A & B.

A little bit about them. Hey have an actual store location in Syracuse, NY (Go ‘Cuse!). Their site offers current issues and back issues seem to go back a ways. They also offer presales (who hoo!).

So the books were released on Wednesday. They were in my mailbox Thursday…like, the next day! Obviously a huge plus if you’re thinking of flipping.

They actually shipped it out Tuesday, the day before release, and even with economy shipping it arrived in 2 days. Pretty good.

And it was shipped in a Gemini mailer. Very good. And comics were in NM+ shape.

So how much? They offer discounted prices on new books…looks like, 20%. Economy shipping was $4.99 for the two books. Pretty standard/average…maybe even slightly below average.

I actually posted a link to the Captain Marvel 18s in another thread and they were sold out minutes later…so I’m wondering if anyone else here ordered from them.

So, although I have only one order with them, I have to give them an A+ all around and I’ll adding them to my list of favorites.

Order with confidence!

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Found them a couple months ago. They seem to have new issues but I’ve primarily used them for back issues or issues I cant find. Actually just received a package from them thir morning. Prices are decent most older books are $1.99-2.99. Stock varies so I check every so often. I ordered 12 books and I guess because it was free comic book timing they sent a bunch over too. This was my 4th or 5th order from them. Packaging is good books always arrive in good condition. I’d highly suggest just browsing the site for any random issues you maybe looking for.

Great idea for a topic. Pin this thread!

Westfield Comics
I don’t use them too much for back issues but they are great for online preorders from Previews if you live someplace without good stores or just like how they offer certain titles every month for 50% off as a nice bonus. They pack well, ship speedily, and are otherwise great in regards to customer service if you write or call.


I agree I have used them before

Anyone ever buy from State of Comics? I think they’re based out of MI. I just bought a few things and if no one has ever purchased from them, I guess it’ll be review time once I get the books.

Totally agree with Westfield. Only complaint I have is that for some reason they refuse to add the extra printings (2nd,3rd, etc) to their pre-orders. Only response I received is that it’s not something they do.

Most of the time you can’t order additional printings on pre-order from Midtown either… you only get that chance when they list the Wednesday before they’re released.

I’ve used State of Comics. I tune into live Facebook sales sometimes. They pack stuff well.

Sweet, nice to know.

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