Oscar Issac as Moon Knight


Nice. I like him.

Expect Moon Knight books to get bumped again… then they’ll cool off and then go back up once it starts getting closer to release…

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Sighhh Disney+

You can always wait for the Chinese knockoff version… :wink:

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Chinese Moon Knight is Raiden from Mortal Kombat

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Firm believer anymore that the time to sell is at the time of initial news or again with a follow up trailer. Once the actual shows/movies hit and disappointment sets in…the ship has sailed.

I’m a Moon Knight fan… all my Moon Knights are not for sale… :wink:


Moon Knight is one of my all time favs! While I was hoping for Shia LeBeouf, I’m pretty happy with Oscar Isaac. Great actor, will add a lot to the role/multiple roles inside Marc Spector’s head.

I am happy I just finished my 3rd set of the 1st series. I hope they go balls-out on MK…brutal and bloody; I think Oscar will look great all beat to crap, pulling off Grant with Khonshu bopping around in his head! I’m excited, regardless of the spec!!

Between Poe, Apocalypse, and now MK, Oscar Isaac is covered for life on the convention circuit if his acting work ever dries up.

This works for me. I won’t be selling my MK books, but I’m happy to see the show is chugging along with plans and such.

My MK books are locked away. Great comic series.

What a world we live in. We had a 6’2" Wolverine and now we have a 5’7" Marc Spector. :neutral_face:

If Hollywood can make Tom Cruise look 6’…Oscar Issac will be just fine.


Actual height of actor never applies now in movies…

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I wouldn’t know. I haven’t watched a movie with Tom in it, in over 2 decades.

Idk, the 5’7" Oscar Isaac Apocalypse looked liked a midget to me, and his shortness definitely took away from his portrayal of En Sabah Nur. :100: I fully realize that that movie is turrible in every regard.

I know you saw Top Gun though… and all those 80s and 90s movies where he appears… taller than he actually is…

I have seen Tom in several movies. Not once did I take away from any of thise movies that Tom looked talker than he is. Not one. Tom was still pretty short standing next to Goose, Iceman and Kelly McGinnis, imo. :man_shrugging:

I think they intended Ice to be much taller and intimidating… Val Kilmer isn’t that tall either… only 6’ I think.

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