Other Hobbies

Are there any other hobbies you guys have outside of comics?
Or is it all comics all the time?

Religion, economics, engineering, DIY…

oh and reading

Retro gaming on all platforms. Collect Sega Genesis/CD/Saturn games and also collect vintage video game magazines.(Early 80’s to late 90’s)

I collect coins. I also collect records. I have been wanting to get more into retro gaming and collecting skateboard decks.

G1 Transformers toys and some Star Wars legos.

I dabble in coins but mostly bullion stacking. I always keep the wheat pennies I find, silver dimes and quarters I find, etc. I have a few proofs and even a 50-state quarter book if proofs I have found in circulation (only 2 or 3 states so far.) Its a slow growing collection, lol.

I used to be into sports cards but all of the politics being crammed down my throat by (insert league, team or player here) every time I turned around turned me off to the point that I just can’t follow sports anymore. Also, there are a lot of vultures in the hobby, too. Almost feels / felt like there was 1 scammer for every 4 legit collectors. I haven’t got to the sports card manufacturers yet… that’s a whole different ball of wax but basically ties back into scamming with a little bit of good old fashioned gambling.

So, as of right now I am pretty much just focusing on reading and collecting comics. I don’t want to get into flipping too much because I feel that is when and where I will get scammed or get turned off to the hobby. I just want to read a good story, look at some great art, and HAVE FUN.

Use to be heavy into coin collecting (father collected coins)… not so much but I pick up some sets each year along with buying Morgans and the older Barber and Standing Liberty coins. I don’t like dead Presidents on our money… the older stuff was way cooler (plus it helps that it’s silver so it actually has some type of value).

I listen to records, wouldn’t say I’m a collector but I guess one can say one collects when the library is only growing… but my receiver gave out so I really need to pick out a new one to start playing them again (guess during this pandemic I should have already since I’m home 24/7).

Other hobbies are gardening but sometimes the summer gets so hot I give up after I already got my few harvest of things I grew to eat.

Reading science books (non-fiction). Not so much hobby, I guess just curiosity as I’m just big on science stuff, wonders of the universe.

Use to do star gazing, but again, like gardening, it just gets too damn hot in the summer to enjoy. Plus my backyard all the trees grew huge over past couple of years, where I use to be able to sit in backyard and look I can’t get a lot of sky views anymore.

And LEGO’s… lots of LEGO’s…

I used to be big into collecting sport cards. Every week looking forward to that Sunday morning trip with my dad to the local flea market. I did model car building for a bit.

I dove into records, but more for listening than investment. I think I’ll focus more on it once I can get a decent sound system.

The last couple of summers I started gardening, which I found to be way more rewarding than I thought it would be.

The most recent thing I’ve started is cross stitching and perler bead art. If you need something relaxing to do I would most definitely look into it. Plus it won’t break the bank to do.

It is isn’t it? Nothing beats walking out to the garden to pick some fresh veggies and herbs for dinner that night…

Other hobbies that I have other then comics, is drawing. I love to draw as long as it has a meaning. I also like to modify cars. Right now I am working on my wife’s car. I used to help a good friend since the age of 14 to build cars. I used to do build demolition derby cars for him. And had the chance to help rebuild a 1955 Bel Air when I was 16. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten back into cars. So right now I’m working on her’s.


Blogging, which often involves writing about comics, but a variety of other subjects as well.

Playing video-games sometimes.

I like watching trashy reality television to relax.

Being a parent keeps me pretty busy, that’s less of a hobby than a major part of my life, though.

Gaming, reading, watching anime, fishing, hiking are the other ways I spend my time. And with most of those doing it with my wife and kids.

I’m in the stockmarket. I play golf, guitar, hunt and fish.

Autographs and local history items are my two biggest with comics.

I used to collect sports cards and coins but haven’t done much in years.

Big sports, movie, and television consumer.

Oh I forgot… My biggest hobby is telling all you nerds what comics to buy. :grin:

I have a pretty extensive movie collection. I like to play disc golf as often as I can get out. I write a lot too.

I do Crossfit with my wife (don’t be impressed - I’m a healthy 270 lbs and still cant do a full pull-up). I’m also into competition shooting. I’m a G.I. Joe geek as well (80’s figs and new 6” line).


I guess my only other obsession is Cannabis. I’m contemplating moving to a legal state and getting involved even more.

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My dinosaur who likes to destroy everything and make tons of noise right now. This is a more peaceful picture.