Overstreet Price Guide #1 Gets Second Printing

This is kind of awesome. The first edition of the Overstreet Price guide is getting a second printing 50 years after it came out. Overstreet Price Guide #1 2nd Print is a hard cover limited to 100 copies and is signed by Robert M Overstreet himself. Long considered the Bible of comic collecting this will include all ads and everything.


Definitely getting that. That’s awesome

It is listed as “Overstreet Cbpg #1 2nd Ptg Facsimile Ed Ltd S&n HC” which doesn’t grab your attention. That has to be the only reason its not already sold out as very cool item.

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Pffttt… it’s already outdated by the time they printed it… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m surprised there isn’t an order limit on it. I’m really debating picking up an extra one.

Signed and limited to 100. Might be worth a try.

My friend @Comp82 sent it to me and I had to snag one.

TFAW has no limit. You sure it’s limited to 100? I had no problem adding over 100.


There’s 3 variations… the one for $50 is limited to 100 according to Diamond. If everyone is allowed to order, expect allocations to occur.

And remember, TFAW doesn’t charge you until it’s processed and shipped anyways.

All that means is when we put our orders in you probably wouldn’t get most of those.

Limited stuff like that where we can’t guarantee diamond can fill orders is part of why we don’t charge people until things ship.

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Which is one of the huge perks I like using ya’lls website. Nothing worse than giving a retailer a small advanced loan on your money and then having to wait for them to refund you months later after they know they’re not gonna secure copies.

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Thanks, I tried my luck and ordered one from Midtown.

Meh, what the hell. I’m in!

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Yeah that’s good usually, but sometimes you just want to know you have a copy secured. I’d like the option to prepay and guarantee when ordering before FOC.

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Limited to 100 from Diamond across all retailer account tells me none of them are guaranteed.

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Sounds like a shitshow in the making. There will be lots of unhappy people. They’re setting up retailers to deliver bad news and cancellation notices. I can order and pay for 500 copies across on multiple sites right now.


I grabbed 2. Might sell one to cover the other. Might sell both. Who knows what I do. It’s all madness over here.

Yup but any reasonable person with common sense should realize it’s limited to 100… if they truly think they’re gonna get a copy guaranteed, I truly wish I lived in their fantasy world of a life… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You can come live in my fantasy. It’s a load of fun.

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