Paper Girls Picked up by Amazon


Paper Girls #1 is currently about a $10 book. It’ll be interesting to see where this might end up after copies start drying up as this was heavily ordered due to the fact it was a new BKV book.


Whole island is on fire evacuated from my house without anything including pets and comics.


Oh snap… why isn’t this in main news? I just had to look up Maui news to see reports.


Stay safe and forget the comics, lives more valuable! Hopefully you can get the pets too!


Very scary! Get to safety and ride it out.Been there. Been evacuated from my area twice the past decade. One time the trees up and down the block were on fire while I loaded up the car with as much as I could. We had ash all over…even on our teeth.


50 foot flames two streets away amazingly not a single house burned great job Maui FD and PD.


Fingers crossed and prayers sent. Hope the good fortune continues!


I’m so happy about this Paper Girls news. I’ve been sitting on 12 copies of #1 for a long time - I’m so ready to unload some of these!


Somone’s in there with the $1 Image First copy again at $9.99. Make sure you don’t underprice that one. :face_with_monocle:

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