Peach Momoko

Maybe cuz its going to HI?

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Midtown hates Hawaii it seems

These were cover price w/signature at NYCC!!!

Shipping was only $5.00 for me for the one book. It is just because you are physically as far from midtown as you can be while still being in the US.

Not if she were on a military base, technically!

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wow what did you do to get put on everyones shat list
mcs,tfaw and now midtown

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Peach did an interview with her husband doing the translating

During the interview she was working.

Her work schedule they talked about is just insane all hours just drawing.


Awesome cover from Momoko…

Captain Marvel #47 (Momoko Infinity Saga Phase 3 Variant)

Captain Marvel #47 (Momoko Infinity Saga Phase 3 Variant)

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Is that an Imperial, kyber crystal wrist watch Vader is wearing? Maybe the Emperor gave it to him for his 20 year Sith anniversary or something.

He looks like a deteriorating mushroom

If you eat him, do you gain his powers in a hallucinating way? :slight_smile:


Makes my skin crawl. I don’t like it. Not Star Wars at all.


Momoko is scheduled to be at Rose City Comic Con in Portland this coming year.

Rose City is one of the Cons I do make an effort to attend, and it was at Rose City Comic Con where I met and got 2 commissions from Momoko in 2017. I probably can’t afford 1 nowadays, and what I paid for them back then, knowing now, I probably would have had her done an entire sketchbook for me.

Eh… Life…


reminds me of this cover