Pet Peeve: Smoke Smell

I just wanted to get peoples’ general feelings on the smell of smoke on comics.

I opened an order from an Ebay Seller today and the box was well packed with bubble wrap and plastic bags. I was overcome with a plume of cigar aroma when I opened the box, though. I put my nose up to the bags, the bubble wrap, and the bags around the comics and the whole thing reeked of cigars.

Hoping for the best, I opened one of the comics and sniffed the actual comic, inside and out. Thankfully, the comics themselves don’t smell like cubanos. The smoke smell seemed to not have permeated the bags and boards. Looks like this is a simple re-bag, re-board situation.

It was worrying for a second, though.

I am not a smoker and don’t like the smell of smoke. However there was a local comic shop that I would buy stuff from because he always had books in that I could flip. he smoked in the store. The books reeked. I would always change out the bags and boards. And sometimes with fragrance free dryer sheets into the books for a while to absorb some of the smell

As a former smoker who didn’t like the smell of it even while being a smoker, it’s one of the worst smells in the world.

I also have no issues telling people who smoke right outside of public doors or walkways to move out of the way and smoke elsewhere.

People I know and work with who smoke who come in from their outside smoke break, I have no issues telling them they reek of smoke when they “stop by your cube”… etc.

I feel if comics have been exposed to smoke, that should be listed. “In the home of a smoker/smoked in-home,” or such. I see posts that say, “Smoke-free,” so maybe add in if there is smoking? I don’t like it much.