Phantom Starkiller #1 NYCC Exclusive

Just FYI, as I have one of these I’m giving away, I just sold one for an easy $100. Not bad purchasing for $12.50 with Scouts 50% off coupon a few weeks back.

I have another one I just listed. So if you got these from Scout’s Store during their NYCC sale, they’re selling.

And yes, I undercutted all the other sellers. That one sold paid for all my copies + a little bit of profit… Muhahahahahahahaha!!!


I only purchased two copies. Should have purchased more! It’s a great looking cover.

Out of all their NYCC variants this year, it was the only one I knew would sell well. I did great selling the NYCC action figures a few years back…

It’s an awesome cover for sure and I love hearing of others successes. Who’s the cover artist? I see them and but can’t make it out.

I need to get back into ordering from the Previews catalog. I miss all my independent publishers.

Michael Gilreath I believe was the artist for the NYCC Variant…

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For anyone interested, I just listed my last Phantom Starkiller #1 NYCC Exclusive. Anyone coming from these forums and CHU I’ll certainly cut a deal with if interested.