Poyo's Spec & Drek NYCC Phantom Starkiller #1 Variant Contest

This week I’m not filling in the tidbits of why I’m picking the book or dreking my drek pick. I’m just sharing the title and image of each pick. Why?


Instead, you can guess by filling in the spec talk as if you were me. You don’t have to fill in for all the books listed. The person who makes me laugh the most wins a copy of Phantom Starkiller NYCC Exclusive Variant. Which by the way is now selling around the $100+ range with some listing as high as $200. These were limited to 250 copies and sold out pretty fast on Scouts Website.

So here are the picks. Comment here (or the forums, I’ll start a topic there for the contest) and make me laugh on why you think I picked the book and or the drek pick. Everyone has one shot, so one entry per person. I’ll announce the winner by Wednesday or next Saturday, if the entrants/comments start winding down, I’ll see about picking a winner.

Here are my spec and drek picks for reference:

DC Picks

Batman: White Knight Presents Harley Quinn #1
Batman White Knight Presents Harley Quinn #1 (of 8) Scalera

Marvel Picks

X-Men #12 Xos (2ns Printing)

Werewolf by Night #1 Veregge Variant

Venom #29

Indie and Small Publisher Picks

Scumbag #1

Phantom Starkiller #1

Now on with the dreaded “drek” pick, every writer and artists worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work.

The book to avoid or not fall victim to in buying at ratio inflated prices.

Spider-Woman #5 (err… #100, no, it’s #5… no… it’s #100).

Contest Rules:
1. Post your responses here in this article to fill in my spec and drek.
2. The one I find the most humorous wins (Poyo Picks, if I think there’s a tie, I ask Anthony to break the tie in which one he thinks is funnier).
3. One entry per person.
4. Use valid email, that’s how we contact you for shipping address.
5. U.S. Entrants only, sorry, International shipping is just awful to deal with.
6. Winner likely announced between Wednesday Oct 21st and Saturday the 24th.

you clearly picked werewolf by night #1 because your a furry.


So I’m literally doing this as you.

So I’ve been allowed an extra snack and the loosening of my shackles by my captor Sir Master Anthony for posting some pics. My underwear are crusty and my buttocks itch something fierce so this will be quick. I like to refer to it as The Brown From Above, or Below in this case.

My first pick this week is Batman: White Knight Harley Quinn. I like this because it’s the first appearance of the British Version of the character. Yup and she’s already got a tv show lined up. Zach Snyder confirmed it last night as there was an orgy upstairs and he gets chatty afterwards.

The variant because it’s just to cover all my bases and it’s the better cover of the two.

X-Men #12 2nd Print not only contains a few first appearances of different characters but the more striking cover of the two. Check the Wiki if you want the specifics. Hopefully a much lower print run than the first to make it more desirable as I bought more copies of the second print.

Werewolf By Nights cover speaks for itself. Just the cover was enough to make the list.

Venom+Cates+(K)Null+Upteenth Printing=I have no idea but the kids seem to like it, and even if you double your money you doubled your money.

The Scumbag has a lot going on in its favor. Rick Remender is a great writer and also handsome. He enjoys long walks on the beach and the sunset. I just find him dreamy so thats why this books on the list.

Phantom Starkiller almost made the drek list on the cover alone. However the story of Darth Skeletor Mum-Ra and his happy frolics on the lunar surface reminded me of Rick Remender…So dreamy, that I added him to the read list. They redeemed themselves with that variant cover though.

The Drek speaks for itself.

Shoot Anthony’s coming back down here. I must strike a seductive pose or I’ll get the hose again. Until next time coming from Anthony’s Basement I’m Poyo and that’s your Spec & Drek for this week.

Rick Remender


Rick Remender is actually pretty good looking guy…

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WereWolf By Night is a must buy since there is nowhere else that you are going to to find a character whose TEETH transforms into the Immortal Hulk!! Fungus Fangs are a MUST HAVE!!! :rofl:

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Come on people… Your chance to mock and make fun of me… And you win something in the process? :crazy_face:

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This is going to be fun :slight_smile:

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I am the worst at mocking people. It usually bounces back at me with extra sarcasm in the face.

Heh, you can just do a funny twist on the books I picked…

DC Picks

Batman: White Knight Presents Harley Quinn #1
Here’s an original story about a single mother balancing work and kids. As you know, these are my favorite. Going heavy on this one!

Marvel Picks

X-men #12 XoS (2nd Printing)

This guy totally isn’t going to die by the end of the arc. I’m in for 20; look at that contrast.

Werewolf by Night #1

I’ll buy anything with a dog on it. The market for canines are so big that this one won’t even make it to shelves. AROOOOOO!!!$$$!!!

Venom #29
What printing is this? Doesn’t matter. I heard from a special group of people that a venomized cheeto makes an appearance after Codex throws Dylan off the building. So, buy this one and the next seven printings while you can get them.

Scumbag #1
If I didn’t spend all of my free time writing this stuff, then this would be a story about me. You should read it and be thankful.

Phantom Starkiller #1
Amazing read and the great part is that there are only two covers for this book. This one is going to be underordered and under the radar. It’s a totally brand new character that gives me Masters of the Universe vibes for some reason, but nobody is saying it. I hope they make some cool toys to play with at some point.

The book to avoid so I can have them all to myself come Black Friday.

Spider-Woman #XXX

We all know why you want this one, but don’t do it. You’ll never have her; I tried.


Spider-Woman XXX is an awesome cover. Love the censored version.

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Very well done!! You forget to mention how handsome “Ravishing” Rick Remender is though. Although the knee slapping at your picks made up for your lapse in judgment.

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X-men #12 second print. DC’s second prints have done so well in the secondary market buy just adding an Instagram filter, so Marvel decided to follow suit. I can’t wait for the second print of King In Black using the Jaundice filter. Anybody second my idea?

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I’m used to writing as myself for my blog and here, and don’t want to try to outright mirror @agentpoyo so I shall be writing as David-Poyo combo. Two great tastes that probably go worse together. I shall name this…DapYo.

Hey ya’ll! DapYo here. I live in a surreal amalgamation of Texas and Missouri so things get confusing but the BBQ is on point. I was cruising the interwebs and have my spec and drek to share with ya’ll along with my reasoning. Let’s get to it and brew it!

DC Picks
Batman: White Knight Presents Harley Quinn #1 1
Batman White Knight Presents Harley Quinn #1 (of 8) Scalera

Sean Murphy’s take on the Batman mythos with, “White Knight,” has been relatively popular. His wife is writing this newest series but he is still illustrating it. Combine the popularity of this unique universe with how popular Harley Quinn is in any iteration and this may be a winner. The variant highlights how she has two kids with the Joker/Jack Napier in this Universe too and I believe is their first cover appearance, which could make it hot if the children become a big deal at some point.

Marvel Picks

X-Men #12 Xos (2nd Printing)

X-Men #12 was hot fire with its first cover appearance of the creepy pale Summoner guy. I sat back, took some sips out of my bottle of Jack Daniel’s finest whiskey and decided that the 2nd print was worth grabbing due to how it is lazy recoloration as Marvel has been doing, but in cool twist makes our hot new character red. He may never get this snazzy skin tone in the comics, but it is striking and worth grabbing an issue of in case it gets popular.

Werewolf by Night #1 Veregge Variant

If rumors are true that the Werewolf by Night could appear in an upcoming Disney+ series (like fighting Moon Knight) one could guess a new version might be the one we see. Plus, this cover isn’t officially part of the cool Native Voices variant, but I dig it. DapYO loves funky covers.

Venom #29

It’s, “Venom,” so it is a mandatory pick-up at this point. Even if I seem to whine to an almost annoying degree about not liking Dylan. I say he’s a wuss. Maybe I just see so much of myself in him and that is what makes it cut so deep anytime he’s in the comics.

Indie and Small Publisher Picks

Scumbag #1

A new Rick Remender comic is generally cause for celebration, and this one sounds outright hilarious with some solid artwork. As a rule you should always pick up the first issue of any Image series. Those 50 copies of the first issue of, “Saga,” I bought way back when helped me buy my fancy Van I use to sell ice cream on the side. The permit costs are outrageous though so half the time I’m just on the run from the cops due to having, “Questionable sanitary practices,” for my ice cream truck/van.

Phantom Starkiller

People totally dig the toys, and I am known for having a fondness for toys and especially Legos. I adore Legos so much I once built a Lego reproduction of my wife and my flesh-and-blood wife walked in on my making sweet love to it. That was an awkward St. Patrick’s Day for sure.


Spider-Woman #100

Changing what should be issue #5 to #100 is just tacky. It’s almost as tacky as me on Halloween when I hand-out toothbrushes and apples to the kids on Halloween. The joke’s on them because I always take the toilet paper they cover my house with and reuse it for my bum. I usually don’t have to buy toilet paper for a couple of weeks after Halloween. Anyways, don’t give in to the hype for this issue.


Thanks for listening my ramblings. I’m DapYo and I love me some spec!


I’ve had some great laughs so far… keep’em coming everyone…

Yes but which got the most laughs is what we’re all wondering?

Just have to wait and see… there could be more out there that overtake the few front runners…

Been following along with the forums and blog for a while, and I am making this my first post. Not because I want the book (I don’t know anything about Phantom Starkiller), but a chance to be silly is more than enough of an excuse to post! Hi! I’m Andrew :slight_smile:


Here’s the list for the week. It’s a heady one. Er, it’s a toothy one. You like fangs? We got em. You like the 80’s? We got that too.

Batman White Knight Presents Harley Quinn #1. This one is weird, because it’s a secret Disney crossover with…. DC?!? Notice those two “dogs”? Nah, those are hyenas (“Mufasa, Mufasa, Mufasa”). Harvey Dent is revealed to be Scar from The Lion King. Batman, in a shocking twist is Skipper the Penguin from Madagascar. The Penguin himself is actually a lemur, and Robin, well, in a throwback to that trashiest of Batman Movies, the one you keep trying to forget existed with George Clooney is Mort, the idiot sidekick.

Nah, you’re buying these for the stone cold gorgeous covers. And Harley. But those covers are classic, they have a modern take on Hopper’s Nighthawks feel. You can hear the AM radio in the background yelling out the latest serialized story when you look at this. Unlike those Hickman 2nd print covers that look like printer test pages. Get the classic stuff before Hickman gets to everything.


X-Men #12 XoS 2nd print. Thus starts our three-issue entwined set on the spec and drec. See the dog in the lower right? Same dog as the cover of Werewolf (see next issue). Not only is this the first cover appearance of Target’s new mascot (X-Men #2 has his first appearance), but it hinted at the Werewolf series. Also, Expect More Pay Less dude has two spiders on his arm. Probably a good time to mention that one of them might be Miles, so buy this book because Target is sponsoring the new Miles game. It’s all right there. Tune in next month to Department of Truth #3 to find out more.

Werewolf by Night #1 Veregge Variant. People liked those negative space variants. A lot. A lot a lot. This is basically that, but with Wakandan colors. Book sells itself. Can’t verify, but it might glow in the dark and the phosphorus paint alone is worth the price of admission on this one. Get it and flip it before it runs out of juice. I think if you stick it in the freezer it last longer. But uh, slab it before you do that.

Venom #29. Venom literally prints money for Marvel. I mean, it’s really Cates writing venom that prints money, but just know that regardless of who is writing this book you’re being subliminally guided into buying as many of these as you can. You can tell by the title. Read it backwards. M O N E… and that looks like a V but your brain knows it’s a Y. That’s why you buy these, and the 2nd print, and the 3rd print, and the 4th print. Doesn’t matter what’s on the cover, it says MONEY. Also, Cates is big league. M O N E Y.


The Scumbag #1. Remender is great, and you’re buying this for the story alone anyway, so let me just approve of your choice. Doesn’t hurt, of course, that it’s a story about a guy who is the not-squid version of the Squidbillies Early Cuyler. Grab the book, but don’t touch the trim.

Phantom Starkiller #1. This one’s a nostalgia pick. All the people who currently have the substantive disposable income to spec on books are old enough to have owned a Castle Greyskull… or at least were jealous of a friend who did. Notice Skeletor on the cover here holding the Soul Sword and walking over the dead humans from Planet of the Apes? Yeah…. not only does this book have a smoking good story behind it, the cover is a Kay Bee Toy Store from the 80’s. You want it because every “Comic Book Guy” wants it and if you get it first you can sell it to him at a mark-up.


And then there’s Spider-Woman #5. We just went over how to do nostalgia right. This… does not do that. Marvel renumbers for cash grab, but then worries that no one cares, so adds spooky DNA-looking spider webs for Halloween. But then still worries no one will care. So, what else has 8 legs that (er, renumber that to 6) besides a spider. An octopus? “What about the Hydra logo?” someone says. Close enough! Ship it. Make people think there’s a connection to the future of the MCU. Why does it have to look like a cheaply done self-pressed rap album cover with some girls and a bunch of coins on it? Who knows! It’s not Cates, so it’s not like this is going to work anyway. Pick it up in from the shelves at Goodwill in 6 weeks, but don’t pay cover.


That’s it for this week. Happy hunting, and good luck on your FOCs.


Long time reader, first time writer but there’s some tough competition.

Batman: White Knight: Harley Quinn: No brainer and should continue the great story of the White Knight and “Murphyverse.” Hyenas in the city are like Bananas in Pyjamas - still trying to figure this out. Oh well, expecting a good story with the only collectors not buying this are those that are bound to chairs, sitting legs open and unconscious. Pick the cover you like.

Staying with the chair theme is X-Men 12 (2nd print) as the Summoner summons his/her/its (it’s) inner Sharon Stone with the Monster High kids all around. Take a black light to this one and it’ll look better.

Speaking of black lights and monsters, pickup this Werewolf By Night Veregge variant, put it in a top load and stick it up on your wall alongside the other black light posters from Spencer’s and just enjoy. (Although the music doesn’t go with black lights, for some reason I got Ice Ice Baby stuck in my head, only lyrically swapped out with “Black Light Baby - dum dum dum dudu dum dum” - and now you do too - you’re welcome).

Venom, Donnie Cates, upcoming King in Black storyline, ultra hot series. 'Nuff said so pick it up (although I’m still trying to figure out why Knull’s costume resemble’s Malibu’s Nightman).

Scumbag by Remender, pickup anything by Remender. This cover does make me want to ask others to fill in blanks, “You know you’re a redneck…”

Onto Phantom Starkiller (with covers that also look cool with a black light). So you got the long lost brother of Skeletor and the Horned King finally emerging from a galaxy far far away, having managed to escape the purge. He’s upset that the last corpse he ate gave him food poisoning so he’s heading across the galaxy with a vengeance, seeking a dark crystal to heal him. But seriously, originating from a hot mash-up toy line (think original Hasbro GI Joes, unscrewing the back and creating your own custom figure - if you know you know - if not you’re way too young), the creator of the figure, Peter Goral, wrote this so grab one if you can. If it hits could it be a future TMNT?

AND for the dreaded drek…I got nothing on Mushu above…and the renumbering sucks. Did Marvel forget how to count? Or is it Disney? If so, should I still let the kids watch Disney if they can’t count? What’s with the webbing/DNA in the background - Jessica Drew doesn’t use webs. I haven’t kept up with this book but the only thing possibly going for it is it is probably the most under-ordered “anniversary” book out there.

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That’s not Ice Ice Baby you hear, that’s Under Pressure by Queen :wink:

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