Picked Up Thor 5 (731) - Thoughts & Opinions Appreciated

Overall I am happy with my purchase, which is what matters the most. My LCS is great, staffed by kick ass people who always go above and beyond for all of their customers.

I saw this sitting behind the counter, marked $30 and noted as being damaged. I get 25% off at the shop so after some back and forth with myself in my head I decided to grab it. The clerk behind the counter decided to give me an additional $10 off so I snagged it for $15 out the door. Not too bad for a piece of comic book history!

I didn’t buy this to flip, as I am a collector and reader first and foremost, but I wanted to share these images with you. I am not familiar with the pressing process, but I imagine it might do more harm than good to this book? As it sits I am guessing low 8’s grade at best?

Also, Photobucket keeps crashing on me, I have the newest version. Any suggestions for a more reliable image hosting site?!

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If you can resize the images so they’re under 1MB each, just upload them directly into your post here.

Can’t speak to the grade but since the spine tics are color breaking, pressing won’t help as they’d just become flat white lines. Bottom line is you spent $15 on a modern key so you got a good deal on a book that will be good in the long run, even in the condition it is in. One option would be to sell it and roll that money towards a better copy, perhaps one that is pressable.

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Yes, hold in case it explodes later.

As for grade, 8.0 Is reasonable. Pressing won’t help the grade as it won’t remove creases that break color, but might approve the appearance as it would smooth out some bends.

Not worth the $10-$20 to press unless you did it yourself or was for free. Leave it as is unless it’s unsightly to you.

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Definitely not unsightly to me at all. In fact, it bothers me less than the minor tick in the spine of my Batman 96 Clownhunter cover, lol. I guess maybe because I bought Thor knowing it was damaged and the tick in B96 was hiding from me until I got home.

Thank you everyone for your input! I definitely plan on holding this for a long time and if it blows up I’ll likely be able to turn it into funds used to purchase some key Batman issue(s) or as another person mentioned, a nicer copy of Thor 5.

$15 is a good buy for #5, I just preordered my Thor #7 1:25 so hopefully the good keeps coming in the Thor series.

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You should lick your finger and stick the paper flare on top back to the binding and press the book if your looking to make it better.

So, I have a minor update to this thread.

I should start off by saying I am an organizer. I may even have OCD about it. Long story short I don’t have enough comics to stand them upright in my Marvel-themed cosmic box (street level heroes have there own box. Call me crazy, but I can’t blend them.) SO I flat-stacked those books :books:. One of the books that is flat-stacked is my copy of Thor 5. There has been a fair amount of weight on top of it for a couple months now, and I ended up inadvertently semi-pressing the book. There is still a dent on the top left corner, and the book has some white on the corners as can be expected with dark colored cover, but this thing is in better shape now, imo.

I have never had anything professionally pressed, nor have I had anything graded. Trust me when I say that I have no expectations of this thing doing better than 8.5 at best and that is if the graded is stoned out of his/her mind. That being said, does anyone feel comfortable offering their opinion in what it COULD grade at in current condition and perhaps after a press? I’ll upload current condition photos momentarily.

8.0 maybe even 7.5, CGC is very strict on moderns especially ones like this, I’ve seen better 7.0 books than this one as well.

It’s not worth the cost or thought to even slab this, if you want a slab buy a 9.0 for $40-50 and leave it at that. Even 9.8’s are selling for $90-100 so it’s the right time to buy this book as it’s value has dropped pretty drasticly since release and one of those that has potential to sky rocket in the future. I recently bought another 3 copies of Thor #5, granted they were cover price but I see potential for the book in the furute.

I am heavily leaning towards this option. Mainly so I have a copy of a 1st print that is in better shape.

…where the hell did you find 3 copies at cover?!

My LCS, people who had on their pull lists or asked for one to be kept aside but never came to come collect so they put them back into the system, they had 5 copies available I bought 3 of them. I don’t pay more than cover price for new books outside or ratio’s, I’m kind of in the mindset of if I miss out I miss out plenty spec books coming out monthly to grab. I also have 5 stores to shop at so it’s rare that I can’t find certain books for cover price.

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I agree it looks like 8.0 max. Probably not worth pressing and grading costs. This may turn out to be a key if Dark Winter has staying power, but there will be a lot of books in the higher grades. I don’t imagine it will ever gain too much value at the grade range you are looking at. Although given some of the odd CGC grading at the moment it might come back as a 9.9 : )

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Yup, looks like color breaks. That’s the deal breaker for me in not getting it pressed or graded, not for such a new modern book. It’s only worth it if we were talking about a 20-30+ year old book to get the other defects out, but nothing is gonna fix any color breaks.

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I appreciate all of your input. I’m glad to hear that my opinion isn’t different from all of yours. Makes me feel better about my judgement calls… I have an itch to obtain a nice copy of Thor 5 but I don’t want to scratch it too hard. Really trying to practice discipline over here as in the recent few months I went nuts and bought multiple covers of multiple books, which was dumb. I doubt I’ll find one at cover any time soon but if I can get close I’d be happy.

I understand not wanting to, “Scratch the itch,” and be disciplined, so I applaud you. Let me also warn you that sometimes, “I’ll wait till later,” can bite you in the butt. I kept putting off adding an, “Ultimate Fallout,” #4 to my collection as I like Miles but thought $100 for his first appearance was too much when I had the chance to buy it for that. Now…well, $400 is what I may end up paying if I ever have enough to bite that bullet.

On the other hand, sometimes waiting works out well. Lots of stuff cools off.

I see the waiting as a win too.

It’s like buying stuff at auction on eBay. You want to buy low if you can but set your price and you never lose.

Say you want a comic and are willing to spend $100 on it. Just go ahead and put in your max bid of $100. If you get it lower than $100, great. If it goes over $100, you still won cause you set your own limit on spending and did not overspend on the item you want (but don’t necessarily need). Maybe I’m in the minority, if I don’t want to spend over X amount on something, I just accept the fact I’ll never own it and I’m perfectly fine with that.


How dare you, Poyo. This is America, the land where we spend money we don’t have on things we don’t need and everyone is deep in debt!

For real though, very responsible of you!

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It’s a very pragmatic approach I think.

But yes, lots of people (too many in fact) buying things they shouldn’t be able to buy. We do live in a world of, buy now, pay later and yes, the only people who win are the ones lending out the money people don’t even have.

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Massively sane and sensible approach. In the past I’ve been sucked into ‘winning’ and over-bidding. The euphoria of winning is quickly replaced by buyer’s remorse.

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