Poll: How do you store your books?

I’m curious how you all store your books. What’s the most common storage form? Long/short? Plastic/cardboard? Something else like the cardboard short boxes that slide into a box like a drawer? Something else?

  • Cardboard long boxes
  • Cardboard short boxes
  • Plastic long boxes
  • Plastic short boxes
  • Cardboard short drawers
  • Other

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In process of switching over to plastic bcw it’s pricey though

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Old school short boxes here. I don’t like the weight of full long boxes. If I ever switch to something else, it’ll probably be plastic short boxes.

A combination of cardboard long and short boxes. The long running legacy series in the long boxes with the various limited series or events in short boxes.

I used 100% cardboard short boxes but then moved everything into full size metal filing cabinets. Finding books is now a breeze.

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I have both short and long boxes, but I try to mainly use short for my own stuff. Long boxes I have at home right now for work related comics and giveaway copies and stuff to keep separate from my PC.

I’m in the process of switching from mostly cardboard long boxes and a dozen or so short boxes over to the BCW Plastic Storage Bins. I also have a long way to go as I’ve only purchased 16 of the plastic bins so far.

For my PC, I use use a lot of DrawerBoxes and some furniture I built. I actually just did a blog post about this if you are interested. One thing to note for long/short boxes, due to their weird shape and shipping cost, it is really hard to find them at good costs online. Your best bet is to ask your LCS, and if you are buying a lot, you could even ask them to order them directly from diamond for you (they are $3 a long box and $2 a short + shipping directly from diamond).

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Out of curiosity (you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to). How much do you normally pay for the plastic bins?

Currently a slow switch over to BCW Short Plastic. Have 36 now and roughly 45 cardboard…guh…pricey, but worth it to me. Stack securely, look nice and I design flashy note card labels to slip into the holders for easy identification. Plus I can set statues and figures on top of the stacks. The key…add 3 packs to your AMAZON wish list permanently…I always score some for my Birthday and Christmas.

I mentioned this in another thread, but I use the bcw plastic short boxes. They’re wide enough to hold normal comics along with comics like DC Black label, the last Ronin, etc. And they look 100% better than just having cardboard boxes around, and definitely more sturdy. I recommend putting a little dab of super glue gel on the tabs when assembling them so they won’t ever fall apart due to weight.

Cardboard long boxes here. I also got self adhesive business card pockets and made labels so I know what’s in each box. Easy to swap them out, too. Going with publishers here, but you could have book titles if you have a box full of a single title.


BCW Short Plastic. Well worth the investment to be able to safely stack.

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I use cardboard short boxes. I used to have long boxes too but they were a pain to pick up. Now, after my hernia surgery, I really can’t lift up anything that heavy!

Directly through BCW is the cheapest and if you buy 5 or more they’re just under $20 each for the short plastic bins.

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What a great idea!! I was making my own labels with a label machine. However the labels peel off after awhile even with shipping tape over the stickers. Do you have similar issues with those peeling off eventually? The plastic bins have built in holders so I won’t have to worry about it with those.

So far, they are showing no signs of peeling. The adhesive on the biz card holder is pretty strong. My worry wasn’t that they’d fall off. It was if I ever want to take them off, my guess is the cardboard will come with it. But, since the cards can easily be swapped in/out, I figured that wasn’t a real issue.

Here’s what I used. Then just make your tags 2" x 3.5".

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A case of 5 plastic bins on Amazon is $99 free shipping

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Thanks for the heads up. I ordered a box to check them out. I’ve been worried about the long term effects of stacking the cardboard ones on top of each other, but in the local shops in the area it’s always around $30 for a plastic box so I haven’t gotten any.

Shelves, then comics back to back to avoid rolling.