Possible Last Big Purchase

Hello Team,

Recently, I’m been feeling the increase of everyday expenses (most likely due to inflation), I may have to call it “early” retirement sometime soon. So if thats the case, I may want to go out on a bang.
If you want put in your last purchase (possibly ever, but with intention of growth/spec - BLUE CHIP possibility) with an approx MAX budget of $900-1K

  1. Saga of Swamp Thing #37 CGC 9.6 (1st Constantine)
  2. Batman Adventure #12 -1K CGC 9.6 (1st Harley Quinn)
  3. ASM #194 CGC 9.4 (1st Blackcat)
  4. ASM #238 CGC 9.6 (1st Hobogoblin)
  5. Something Is Killing The Children 1 CGC 9.8 (1st Erica Slaughter - Is this a blue chip book, or just a hype machine book like Preacher once was???)

If you feel there are other worthy candidate, please do share.

Much Appreciated.


Tons to choose from… UF4, Moon Girl and DD, Young Avengers…there are so very many to short list and investigate.


If you don’t already have a UF4, that would be my pick. Amazing Fantasy 15s are out of reach for the next generation of Spidey fans for the time being and besides that’s not their Spidey.

Miles will remain a big character for decades. Potentially until the sun swallows the Earth or mutant cockroaches rise up and put out species into submission. Even then, I bet the cockroaches will still enjoy Miles.


Young Avengers 1 is my favorite for 5-10 years potential. I would be tempted to buy $900 worth of raw copies rather than going the CGC route. I bought a high grade copy this week for $100 so deals can still be found.

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I’d suggest Spawn #174, UF4, BA #12 or Strange Academy #1

Of your list, I’d pick BA #12. Me personally, I feel the very surest long-term bets are Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen.


I’ll chime in with the recommendation of a nice GI JOE #1 or GI JOE #21. Amazing books with a ton of nostalgia that will always be in the hearts of minds of not just comic collectors, but also toy collectors and any child of the 80’s.

All you listed are also of course great picks!

Moon Knight, buy it, read it, love it, sell it if you must once the show comes out!

strange academy #1 1:50
war of realms new agents of atlas #1 1:50

are imo the 2 best longterm investment books atm


This. If I was given $1000 to make a purchase that was a 100% guarantee to continue to rise exponentially I would go with that.

But if this is a PC thing you have to go with what you will love and cherish hug and squish and call him George purchase. You may even want to explore 2 things in raw that you can enjoy handling that total $1000 if you are not drawn towards any single item slabbed for $1000.

Books like SIKTC or Moon Girl might be good investments for quick flips when their shows hit the small screen in order to purchase something for more than $1000. Just gotta strike while the iron is hot.

I’ve pretty much purchased every book that I would want for the PC that’s $1000 and up aside from a few Marvel transformers books that never appear on eBay or mercari….fortunately I grabbed most prior to the pandemic surge in prices and squires many at 30% or less what they sell for now. But I had a plan from the start once i got in a grove.

ASM 14 abs Detective 168 are my ultimate wants I may never achieve without selling off just about my entire collection just to acquire a copy in good condition. Wish Marvel and DC would pump out a facsimile of these two already. Otherwise I’m settling for their first

But my suggestion is have a good plan. make a list of what you “must have”…try to keep it a top 10…price them out in the grades you think you can afford and maybe move on the ones that are most likely to jump in price because of movies or shows coming. Maybe attack thise first as others Will likely be slower to increase in value.

And don’t feel like you need to go for 9.8s. Because when I’m looking at my Transformers #1 Newsstand 9.6 and UF4 9.6 I can’t tell the difference (I paid $50 and $125 respective just a few years ago). And when it’s for the PC that’s all that matters.

My thoughts, anyway.


yep, uf4 has only begun its climb in price.i have little doubt that in the next 5-10 years cover A in 9.8 will be a 10k book.

Miles, Kamala, and Sam are marvels modern big 3 team

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#1 Young Avengers #1 standard cover in 9.8. Last I checked it is right around a grand for it. Lots of firsts!

#2 Amazing Spider-man #4 1:10 variant. That is also around a grand in 9.8. First Silk is just going to get hotter!

#3 Darth Vader vol 1 #3 standard cover, first print. Right around $400 for a 9.8. The 4th print is around a grand as well for a 9.8 copy. Doctor Aphra is primed to explode!

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I agree with Miles, but I’m big on Previews 95. A lot will say it’s not a comic but to me, that’s Miles on the cover and it’s the first time we see him. Long term? I see this as the AF15 for Miles Morales. There are way less of them out there as most were trashed. There’s nothing wrong with UF4, it’s a must have for sure, but previews 95 could be huuuuuuuuge years from now.

As long as you’re grabbing a Darth Vader 3, just get the 1:25 Larocca cover.


I would second UF4 for Miles. From your five choices

  1. Has been done several times, for niche speculators of horror.
  2. Peaked - the movies sucked !
  3. Great comic character, but will not translate well to the big screen; one and done …
  4. Too close to the Green Goblin
  5. See a lot of upside here, great costume, good potential for storyline, possible TV shows/movies

I do see some potential for Namor, for space-based heroes - Nova, Annihilation etc., some magic based stuff like Etrigan, etc

IMO !!

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I would buy a 4.0 first ghostrider 10 years from now it will go for 5x more the way bronze books are blowing up currently.


If I’m about to retire with a “Bang”, seems like everyone here is leaning toward UF4. I can see HOBO won’t get the LOVE that Miles get. But ASM 194 BlackCat has no chance vs UF4? Overall, it seems like people here doesn’t really have DC in TOP TIER list.

The only thing Im worried about UF4 is the print run > and being modern… The print run on that book is like > 100K


See my post about about Previews 95 :slight_smile:


At $800-$1000 there’s not many DC key books that fall in that range youre looking low grade 1st Supergirl, or Brainiac, mid grade Bizarro, Sinestro, teen titans, Suicide Squad, Doom Patrol, Al Ghul, high grade Deathstroke, Val Zod variant, Jessica Cruz variant, Tec 880, Harley off the top of my head. I’m more for buying a older key since it’s your last hurrah than purchasing a modern.


Of the flip side the previews with young avengers on the cover can be found for a couple dollars.

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